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Below are a number of different case studies from recruitment business owners who have experienced our training, coaching and  consultancy.





Lucy Walker Recruitment (LWR) is a successful recruitment organisation of 24 years standing. Founded in 1992 by an ambitious and driven 22 year called Lucy Walker with a telephone, desk
a copy of the yellow pages and a drive to succeed.

Today the business is led by Lucy as the MD and her husband Mark as the finance and marketing director. Lucy Walker Recruitment (LWR) is a leading supplier of quality business support professionals to growing Corporate and SME’s companies across both West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester regions.

The business has enjoyed consistent growth over the years with minimal marketing. It currently employs 20 staff and has built a strong reputation in their chosen market for the consistent quality of service and candidates that they supply on both a permanent and temporary basis.

Mark and Lucy’s plans are to continue to grow and develop the business in a way that allows them to automate and systematise marketing and sales for increased profit and to step back a little and enjoy a more relaxed pace to their daily routine.

During 2015 as plans for the next stage of business growth were in discussion, it was recognised that the brand image, website and overall marketing strategy did not reflect the strong reputation Lucy Walker Recruitment had in the market.

If LWR were to capitalise on the opportunities the regional markets offered it needed to develop its online presence, and  use of blended marketing to accelerate growth.

Mark discovered Super Fast Recruitment initially through LinkedIn and then over a few months digested several blog articles, webinars and general email updates from Superfast recruitment whilst he considered whether he felt they were an organisation that LWR could form a lasting partnership with going forward. It was critical that LWR partnered with an organisation who matched their own Work, Quality and Professional ethics.
After a valuable conversation with Sharon, Mark decided to join the Dominate Your Sector Marketing Programme for high growth recruitment companies. 

Aims and Objectives

Marks objectives for attending the programme were to Learn:

  • What the key elements of a recruitment website are that LWR would need to implement for success.
  • How to use different marketing strategies to generate inbound leads.
  • How to develop an online presence and authority position for Lucy Walker Recruitment.
  • How to utilise both LinkedIn and Facebook to create a brand presence and attract both candidates and clients.


Mark decided that his first project would be to commission a new website that would communicate the LWR brand and incorporate multiple communication channels that would appeal to clients, candidates and new recruits for the organisation.

  • The website copy was redesigned based on the principles Mark learnt in the programme.
  • Mark commissioned the website from an associate of SFR’s which saved him £5k compared to other quotes.
  • Re-wrote his LinkedIn profile and had his team update theirs in a style that connected with their target audience, both candidates and clients. This also ensured alignment with the brand and key messages.
  • Updated the companies value proposition to connect with the identified target audience.
  • Trained his consultant team on how to implement specific LinkedIn business development strategies, through training provided within the Dominate Your Sector programme.
  • Commissioned a videographer referred by Denise and Sharon to shoot several videos for use on the website
  • Wrote the video scripts
  • Began regular blogging
  • Implemented email marketing software recommended by SFR
  • Employed a dedicated resource as the marketing function grew

Having gained such value from the programme, Mark took the opportunity in August 2016 to join the Dominate Your Sector Inner Circle Programme. This is a 12-month programme with, events, online learning and VIP access to Sharon and Denise.  

Implementation and Results

  • Mark continued to work closely with Denise and his web designer to complete the new look Lucy Walker Recruitment (LWR) website including re-writing the content.
  • Developed and implemented the first email nurture campaign.
  • Created and developed the first lead magnet.
  • Created the first work place survey.
  • When LWR was invited to sponsor an award at a regional business event, Mark created the
    opportunity to explore a strategic partnership with the event organiser which is being
    developed for 2017.
  • Began regular blogging on multiple social media platforms which have received many views and social shares
  • The team have developed their use of social media to significantly raise awareness of the
    brand and events they are involved in.
  • Mark is evolving and communicating the ‘fun’ side of the company by commissioning
    teaser videos around the website launch and local Leeds and Manchester events
  • The website was launched in early October and has received a hugely positive response
  • 1 specific website strategy delivered 1 new client in the first week and a further client in the first month.
  • This same strategy meant that 2 candidates contacted the team via a Live Chat facility which was recommended to him by SFR and were placed in jobs the same day.
  • Most significantly, within 3 weeks of launch the website which previously had been ranked on Page 7 was now on page 1 and delivering leads, including a recruit
  • The Yorkshire Post have spontaneously contacted LWR for comments to be added to their publication as recognised experts in the field.

“The biggest compliment I can pay to Denise and Sharon is that I genuinely regard them now as a part of our business rather than a “Supplier”. They have taken a considerable amount of time to understand our business and how it functions which in turn has allowed them to offer relevant valuable and regular advice and support that is both hugely beneficial and very workable for our business. Nothing is too much trouble for them and as well as gaining huge value so far from their considerable expertise they are great to work with. I would highly recommend them.”







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turro specialise in providing recruitment services to the health and social care sector, with a focus on filing management and senior positions within the sector.

Andrew Brindley, the MD has extensive experience in providing high-quality recruitment services, having developed the AJ Group with fellow MD Jo Guy. Andrew and Jo’s plans for turro when it was launched in 2015 were to achieve a turnover of £1M by the end of 2018. They recognised that working with a marketing consultant and coach would assist them in achieving this goal.

Having previously attended a Recruitment Marketing Masterclass facilitated by Sharon and Denise Andrew made contact to discuss how they could work together.

Objectives and Aims

To develop a strategy and marketing activities that would build awareness of the new brand in the market and generate inbound leads.  The key objectives were:

  • Develop a marketing strategy and marketing communications plan
  • Identify who the ideal client turro would target and develop a client profile
  • Create a value proposition and marketing messages
  • Identify opportunities in the marketing plan where automated sales funnels
    could be created
  • Assist in the development of a content marketing plan
  • Prioritise commercial opportunities that turro could capitalise on


Because of a conversation with Sharon, it was agreed that Andrew, Jo, Rachel (the marketing manager) and Tobi (Director with turro) would take part in a 6-month project. This involved;

Two private workshops with Sharon and Denise and 1:1 coaching for Rachel who would be leading on implementation.

Implementation Activities

  • Developed a content plan based around promotional themes
  • Created and distributed a blog post every week
  • Increased social sharing and linked the content to promotional activities
  • Recruitment consultants were trained on how to use the LinkedIn 15 minutes’ a day marketing strategy
  • Set up 3 webinars, a first for the industry sector (If not a recruitment company)
  • Identified and prioritised events as a key commercial opportunity
  • Set up an inaugural turro event
  • Identified a strategic partner opportunity
  • Set up 4 automated sales funnels


Having implemented the actions from each workshop and coaching session the results have been as follows:

  • 25% of jobs to fill are now being generated from inbound leads
  • 90 potential leads were generated from 3 webinars hosted by turro
  • The Chief Executive of a company that provides 70 services contacted Andrew directly
  • Hosted 2 Events which has provided the consultants with a reason to call
  • 46 registered for the first seminar and 82 for the second using an automated sales funnel process to register
  • The venue for the second event had to be upgraded to a larger room
  • The two events also directly generated increased temp fees of £15k
  • A contact was made at one of the events that resulted in 2 further seminars being held in London and Manchester,
  • Through the above contact, turro have been invited to exhibit at a leading industry event at a significantly reduced fee
  • Increased brand recognition; prospects more willing to take calls from consultants
  • Two strategic partnerships have been developed that has positioned turro
    and the team as experts and authorities in the sector
  • Andrew and 1 strategic partner have co-authored an article that has been published on LinkedIn

“If you are a Recruitment business owner who wants to increase awareness of your brand and be able to generate inbound leads to support your recruitment consultants I would recommend you create a plan and push and stick to it even when it hurts. Sector awareness is key and you need to demonstrate this at every level. Through your marketing plan build your network and help them and they will help you in return”







To find out more about turro please visit and AJ Recruitment at

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GSR2R are a recruitment to recruitment company based in London. Historically their growth had been organic. In 2011 Cheryl Wing became the main director with a personal goal of ‘pulling’ GSR2R into the twentieth century.

Cheryl was unhappy with the GSR2R brand recognition in the rec to rec market and their lack of any form of marketing strategy to attract candidates. In GSR2Rs case these would be experienced recruiters in 14 different sectors.

A new website was commissioned with a launch date of January 2013. Six months earlier Cheryl was introduced to Denise and Sharon at Super Fast Recruitment, who specialise in helping Recruitments companies market themselves.

Aims and Objectives

To develop the GSR2R brand to have a presence online, specifically through their website and LinkedIn. The key objectives were:

  • Increased presence and awareness on LinkedIn
  • A website that communicated the GSR2R value proposition and encourages a call to action
  • Increased lead generation; specifically, inbound Leads 


A number of actions were identified and implemented by Super Fast Recruitment.

  • Creation of a marketing strategy and communication plan
  • The website copy was created to reflect the value proposition of GSR2R
  • All LinkedIn profiles were aligned with this message
  • A content marketing plan was put in place and a blog created on the new website
  • A monthly online press release was written and distributed
  • Developed and implemented a social media campaign
  • An email touch campaign was written to improve engagement with candidates
  • All content and social media was developed by the team at Super Fast Recruitment
  • A series of ‘events’ were planned throughout the year to increase engagement levels including; quizzes, referral incentives, training webinars and Yoga and exercise in the park, sessions


  • Increased website visitors and referrals; no historical data however, all consultant’s report enquiries coming via the website
  • Increased LinkedIn profile views, social shares and engagement
  • Increased enquiries from recruiters through LinkedIn, resulting in additional placements
  • Successful referral incentive campaigns delivering on average 6-10 additional placements per campaign; fee range is 20-25%


Both Sharon and Denise have worked with me as both marketing consultants and service providers over the last few years. I value their support and continue to do so. Having had little experience of marketing over the years I had been in business, (I have not previously had to market the company) I was looking for assistance in what to do and how to start.

Their honest, down to earth approach is refreshing in a world where jargon so often seems to dominate. Super Fast is clear about where they can and can’t help me and continue to support me with; developing my marketing plan and how to implement it. This helps me to embrace newer online marketing activities, keeping abreast of changes that are happening online and what the impact is for our marketing.

I find Denise and Sharon, flexible, responsive and would encourage any business owner to talk to them about how they can benefit from their consultancy and ongoing support, so much so that I have referred clients and friends to Super Fast.

Cheryl Wing

Cheryl Wing







To find out more about GSR2R please visit their website here.

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