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turro specialise in providing recruitment services to the health and social care sector, with a focus on filing management and senior positions within the sector.

Andrew Brindley, the MD has extensive experience in providing high-quality recruitment services, having developed the AJ Group with fellow MD Jo Guy. Andrew and Jo’s plans for turro when it was launched in 2015 were to achieve a turnover of £1M by the end of 2018. They recognised that working with a marketing consultant and coach would assist them in achieving this goal.

Having previously attended a Recruitment Marketing Masterclass facilitated by Sharon and Denise Andrew made contact to discuss how they could work together.

Objectives and Aims

To develop a strategy and marketing activities that would build awareness of the new brand in the market and generate inbound leads.  The key objectives were:

  • Develop a marketing strategy and marketing communications plan
  • Identify who the ideal client turro would target and develop a client profile
  • Create a value proposition and marketing messages
  • Identify opportunities in the marketing plan where automated sales funnels
    could be created
  • Assist in the development of a content marketing plan
  • Prioritise commercial opportunities that turro could capitalise on


Because of a conversation with Sharon, it was agreed that Andrew, Jo, Rachel (the marketing manager) and Tobi (Director with turro) would take part in a 6-month project. This involved;

Two private workshops with Sharon and Denise and 1:1 coaching for Rachel who would be leading on implementation.

Implementation Activities

  • Developed a content plan based around promotional themes
  • Created and distributed a blog post every week
  • Increased social sharing and linked the content to promotional activities
  • Recruitment consultants were trained on how to use the LinkedIn 15 minutes’ a day marketing strategy
  • Set up 3 webinars, a first for the industry sector (If not a recruitment company)
  • Identified and prioritised events as a key commercial opportunity
  • Set up an inaugural turro event
  • Identified a strategic partner opportunity
  • Set up 4 automated sales funnels


Having implemented the actions from each workshop and coaching session the results have been as follows:

  • 25% of jobs to fill are now being generated from inbound leads
  • 90 potential leads were generated from 3 webinars hosted by turro
  • The Chief Executive of a company that provides 70 services contacted Andrew directly
  • Hosted 2 Events which has provided the consultants with a reason to call
  • 46 registered for the first seminar and 82 for the second using an automated sales funnel process to register
  • The venue for the second event had to be upgraded to a larger room
  • The two events also directly generated increased temp fees of £15k
  • A contact was made at one of the events that resulted in 2 further seminars being held in London and Manchester,
  • Through the above contact, turro have been invited to exhibit at a leading industry event at a significantly reduced fee
  • Increased brand recognition; prospects more willing to take calls from consultants
  • Two strategic partnerships have been developed that has positioned turro
    and the team as experts and authorities in the sector
  • Andrew and 1 strategic partner have co-authored an article that has been published on LinkedIn

“If you are a Recruitment business owner who wants to increase awareness of your brand and be able to generate inbound leads to support your recruitment consultants I would recommend you create a plan and push and stick to it even when it hurts. Sector awareness is key and you need to demonstrate this at every level. Through your marketing plan build your network and help them and they will help you in return”

Andrew Brindley Managing Director

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Turro specialise in providing recruitment services to the health and social care sector, with a focus on filing management and senior positions within the sector. Andrew Brindley, the MD has extensive experience in providing high-quality recruitment services.

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