Superfast Circle  Supports You To  Market Your Recruitment Staffing and Search Organisation with Clarity Focus and Direction, Leading to Predicatable and Guaranteed results… Even If You Are Currently
The Best Kept Secret In Town…”

If you are a recruitment or staffing business owner who wants to refocus and recharge your growth in 2024, marketing will
be critical to your success.

Before you scroll down the page I have a question for you?

What marketing do you currently have in place to ensure your brand stands out in a marketplace that is changing fast. Messaging, campaigns and content that supports you and your team to stand out as an authority in your sector so that clients and candidates
want to work with you?

I suspect the answer is ‘not much’ or ‘I have no real idea what we should be doing’.

So, imagine having access to two marketing directors who have been hands-on marketers delivering services for years who understand recruitment. Then consulting on growing your brand, training, coaching and content resources; all aligned to recruitment marketing and guaranteed to produce results.

Would that make a difference?

Then let me tell you about Superfast circle.

We Give You What You Need To Do The Work?

The Superfast Circle Membership programme is working exceptionally well for our clients who are doubling their revenues, and we believe it can help you too.

We aren’t suggesting that everyone who joins will replicate our client’s results.

We don’t know how much action you will take or if you will follow our instructions to the letter; and if you are interested in potentially increasing your revenues as you dominate your recruiting sector, then this programme might be of interest to you.

What is Superfast Circle?

Superfast Circle is a BREAKTHROUGH marketing programme that supports solo,micro and small SME recruitment and search companies to generate more demand for their business.
Alongside the marketing training, coaching, and consulting we provide designed specifically for recruitment, staffing and search owners and their marketers, we provide your content market resources too.

This includes marketing campaigns, blog posts, social media, and multiple email campaigns you can plug and play as soon as you join. This programme is based on the consultancy, marketing services and the corresponding results we have provided since 2007 to our clients across the globe.

How will it help my recruitment or search company to improve our marketing and increase the number of clients and candidates who work with us and placements we make?

Being an MD can be a lonely place, but as a member of Superfast Circle, you are part of a community of like-minded ambitious business owners and fellow marketers – providing support, encouragement and sharing of ideas.

What is included in your Superfast Circle membership?

Access to The Recruitment Marketing Blueprint Online Training System and the Superfast Circle Training Vault during the life of your membership. This is a step by step online training programme based on exactly what is working for successful recruitment companies today. Every month we run an additional training session and teach the blueprint live.

Twice multiple video group coaching and consulting Q and A calls. These are recorded for members that are unable to attend. Ask your questions and get them answered within a matter of days.

The ability to have YOUR content reviewed each week on the call as well as gain direction on YOUR marketing plans and activities. This gives you the confidence to know that the strategies you are implementing are right for your target audience. Plus, you can be confident your marketing is targeted to your ideal clients, candidates or the talent you want to attract.

While a member, you will have complimentary access to all future programmes we create. This allows you to stay up to date and gives you a competitive advantage; we only teach what we know is working with our clients.

Access to Superfast templates provided each month. [If you briefed a writer to create these you would get a bill for £1000/$1400!] You will receive a template/campaign that you can implement with some personalisation. This will also include a video walkthrough of where and how to use the template and landing page copy that you can use to promote your template to your market; all written for you by a professional copywriter.

Access to a private Facebook group where we engage with all members on a daily basis. Here you get questions answered quickly allowing you to act and keep moving your marketing forward.

Access to blog content every month. Each month you will receive four relevant candidate and client blog post you can implement with some personalisation. This comes with an email you can send to your database and social media you can utilise to promote your post out to your audience.
All written for you by our professional experienced copywriter and content marketer.

Access to Social Media updates. Social media takes candidates and clients from unaware to aware and ready to work with you. Pity, it takes so much time to come up with ideas, isn’t it?
Not when you are a Superfast Circle member.
We provide 365 days of social media updates you can use across the year. Worried that you have missed International women’s day or bring your dog to work?
Stop! We have you covered. At the end of one month, next month’s social media will appear on your Superfast private platform and with a small tweak here and there it’s good to go.

Access to email marketing campaigns. Email marketing provides the highest R.O.I. of any marketing strategy; though it does take time to get good at it. So, what if you could use email templates campaigns written by Denise for every bd or touchpoint you could imagine?
You can.
From candidate, client, retained and nurture campaigns to reigniting past clients to cold outreach on email and LinkedIn. We have been testing our copy for years and we know what works.
These are provided as part of your membership too.

Two Bonus Events Every Year One Virtual and One Face to Face

Ever think it’s you against the world and wouldn’t it be useful to meet up with fellow business owners to learn and interact? Well, we have got you covered.

The marketing world is changing at a pace and here at Superfast Circle, we are committed to sharing with you what works. So, twice a year we run events. One virtual and one live in the UK; normally about 6 months apart. 

As a member, you get one free ticket to each event and you can even bring along an additional member of your team for a small fee. All you need to do is cover the cost of your travel, your overnight stay, dinner and bar bill!! We take care of everything else.

These events are a great opportunity to network with your peers and learn about new strategies that you can build into your marketing campaigns plus share ideas and support each other’s success.

We record all the content for you after the event so you can recap everything you have learnt.

Jason Kruger
Technically Challenged? #Noproblem

It can happen to any of us, can’t it? You open that bit of software and then go blank… yikes! That is why twice a month we run Tech Thursday.

Our resident technology geek jumps on a video call to answer your questions. Struggling with your website, landing pages, email marketing or Facebook adverts? No problem, we have you covered.

Here Is What To Do Next

This is one of the most undervalued programmes currently available for recruitment and search companies. The investment to be a member of Superfast Circle is currently less than a really poor placement fee per year.
Your investment is per company and other team members can also have access to the training at no extra cost.

We realise this is inexpensive when you look at everything you get – training, consulting, coaching, content, templates and bonus events… so you might wonder what the “catch” is?

There Is No Catch!

If you are reading this page you’ll know that we have been support the recruitment and search sector with their marketing and demand creation successfully for over 16 years; we know what’s working.
The truth? The way this programme is designed enables us to get this critical information out in a group setting, to more people, consistently and at a cost solo, micro and small SMEs can afford.

The only caveat to membership is we won’t work with two recruiters in the same sector and geography.

This is a hight touch group coaching programme where we limit numbers so that we can give everyone the time and attention they deserve.

How To Join Superfast Circle

Becoming a member starts with booking a no obligation demo.

Put your name and email address into the form below. The next step will be for us to hop on a demonstration call to discuss your goals and then how Superfast Circle will work for you.

We want action takers in this group, so this is about deciding together if we are a fit and a match for each other.

You work directly with both of us.

Below is a link to book your call with one of us.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Denise and Sharon

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