"I find the Superfast team, responsive and flexible and would encourage any recruitment business owner to talk to them about how they can benefit from their consultancy, services and ongoing training. So much so I have referred my clients and friends to them too."
Cheryl Wing
Cheryl Wing
Managing Director @ GSR2R

“We had been banging our heads against a brick wall with marketing companies who just didn’t understand the recruitment industry and how our business worked – then we found Denise and Sharon via their podcast and haven’t looked back! Since August, Sharon and Denise have been partnering with us, as one of their VIP clients, for all our content marketing. These ladies just get the recruitment industry, have a great understanding of the daily challenges we face. Due to the success we have had with Superfast Recruitment, we are now planning to roll out this marketing strategy across all our recruitment brands.

We would highly recommend the work that Denise and Sharon do to anyone looking to position themselves as a leader in their field.”

Mark Nancarrow
Managing Partner @ Kinetic Business Solutions

"I stumbled across SFC’s podcast. At that time, I knew I had to do some marketing activities and was looking for some direction.

After I researched their offering and had my initial discovery phone call with Sharon, I decided to try SFC as they had Recruitment Industry knowledge. And I have continued to stay with them for the last 2.5 years as I find the service to be genuine and 100% sincere in adding value to their clients.

I have to say, the most significant benefit has been a strong content marketing strategy and helping me develop an overall marketing strategy for JobFitts. They helped me put together a marketing roadmap.

Being part of the SFC has given me structured strategies and tools to be front of mind in my market consistently. Which has led to quality inbound candidate leads.

Denise and Sharon are professional, honest, transparent and genuine, all of which are important for me and aligns with our business ethos.

Number of times they have patiently extended their time and helped me with special campaigns and projects, very resourceful around technology, reviewed design and marketing collateral, I found them to be very supportive and highly educational.

They certainly have the relevant experience and are committed to helping their clients grow."

Amrutha L Murali
Managing Director @ JobFitts Consultants

We’re a fairly small and new company, and we have been trading for 6 years. Up until now we’ve relied mainly on word of mouth to find new clients and roles, hoping people will stumble across our website, or our own individual networks or past candidates have brought roles our way for us to work on.

No actual marketing strategy was in place, no marketing planning as such. We decided this year it was time to grow the business, branch out into new locations. We’ve been pretty London-centric but have recently opened up an office in Leeds. We want to attract new clients in this region and also start marketing the other side of our business which is our inclusive recruiting training workshops. I’ve stepped into steer this, I’m very willing and able but my background is not specifically in marketing, I was previously managing the company’s social media accounts.

So that’s where we were - we had the ‘why’ and we had the ‘who’ but we had no idea of the 'how’ …and that’s where Superfast came in! It was one of our directors who found Superfast Recruitment for us, after seeing a post of theirs on LinkedIn and clicking on one of their ads.

We chose Superfast because they specifically help recruitment companies and sounded like they would be able to help us to achieve results really quickly.

I love the fact that being part of the Superfast Circle means you can talk to other members of the group who are all at different stages with their marketing but they are all recruiters and are able to advise us on what we need to do to get to where they are. Weekly calls with Sharon and Denise are great - good opportunity to ask questions and learn about other marketing strategies and tools. Their feedback and tips on how to improve my blog posts and draft emails has also been really helpful.

Coming from a none marketing background, the bootcamp is teaching me the basics of marketing in a clear and structured way. The series of videos cover all aspects of marketing planning and the monthly templates they send out are a great resource which we are basing our own reports and checklists on to be used as lead magnets in our marketing campaigns.

Any problems or questions we have we can raise in the Facebook group and Sharon or Denise or a member of the group will come back quickly with a helpful answer. There’s also technical help when we need it, for example if we’re struggling to get something to work on our website.

We’re only at the start of our journey with Superfast so it’s a bit too soon to say but I’m sure this time next year the training will have had a significant impact on our business, by helping us establish a proper marketing process and strategy with the ability to monitor and measure this success.

Working with Denise and Sharon is great. They are down to earth, really approachable, not all business speak! And they genuinely want to see us succeed as much as we do.
Sophia Dutton
Marketing Manager @ Inclusive Recruiting
"Since engaging Superfast Recruitment to manage our social media, the traffic to our website has increased by 200% with a level of consistency that we’ve not achieved before. The shares are written in such accessible language with thoughtful variety that the approval process takes minutes every fortnight. I am delighted and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Superfast."
Heather Clarke
Managing Director @ Harris Burns

"Marketing was an area I was conscious as a company we had little true knowledge of, and I wanted to engage with someone who could offer an element of handholding through the process of learning about content marketing and lead generation and improving our brand awareness for The Recruiting Office.

Superfast Circle was interesting as it gives me a touchpoint once a week where I can listen to other members, and what they were utilising and to ask questions directly.

When I started using the training in the boot camp it gave me a structured process as to how to start looking at our business and better understanding our target market, our prospective customers and how we interact with those. I’m very much processed driven, and I felt the boot camp gave me a process to follow through and act on and it’s allowing us to understand our customers and how we interact with them. "

Neil Scarborough
Director @ The Recruiting Office

“The biggest compliment I can pay to Denise and Sharon is that I genuinely regard them now as a part of our business rather than a “Supplier”.

They have taken a considerable amount of time to understand our business and how it functions which in turn has allowed them to offer relevant valuable and regular advice and support that is both hugely beneficial and very workable for our business. Nothing is too much trouble for them and as well as gaining huge value so far from their considerable expertise they are great to work with.

I would highly recommend them.”

Mark Woffenden
Finance Director @ Lucy Walker Recruitment

"I have used Denise & Sharon at Superfast for a number of years now and their results have been amazing.

Before we used them we had a LinkedIn company page with very little traffic visiting the page. Since we have engaged Superfast we have seen a gradual increase in the volume of both our company website and LinkedIn page.

They don’t have a magic wand and won’t get you results overnight but after a number of months there will be an increase in the engagement with your brand and more candidates responding to your vacancies."

Spencer Wicks
Spencer Wicks
Divisional Manager @ Humres

We’ve been a member of Superfast Circle for a couple of years now.  We wanted to improve our recruitment marketing offering (which was non-existent at the time), so I searched online for help and came across some videos that had been recorded by Sharon and Denise.

The information they gave was uncannily relevant to our situation – and now I know why!  They were using some of the marketing techniques on me that we now use ourselves.  However, more importantly, their values of transparency, honesty, integrity etc. appear perfectly aligned with our own.


So, I subscribed to their email marketing list.  After a while I was contacted directly, and I was happy to sign up.  We receive valuable insights from them every week, and they send a marketing template every month.  Sharon and Denise are always (within reason) available to answer questions, and there is a community of like-minded recruitment business owners who are ready to help each other with guidance and support.

I recommend Superfast for anyone who wants to take their marketing to the next level – whether that’s level 1, or something more advanced.  I trust Sharon and Denise, and the help and advice they give has been invaluable to us.

Matt Byrne
Director @ Bluespoint.net

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