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The Black Diamond Agency


Following a successful career in HR, Lileah decided that she could offer greater value to clients and candidates as an independent recruitment company.

The Black Diamond Agency was established in 2016 as a privately owned boutique Executive Recruitment Agency.

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, they supply mid to senior-level talent in the head office functions of the Retail industry across the USA. Lileah and her team work across all departments, from Buying/Merchandising, Design, E-commerce, Marketing, Planning, and Allocation to Technical Design.

What Were You Looking to Achieve When You Considered Marketing For The Black Diamond Agency?

I had been operating for several years, and having survived Covid, I found myself working in a candidate short market, with increasing competition. There were two main things I wanted to achieve in working with SFC:

The first was, to have our brand consistently in front of our clients, prospects, and candidates’ eyes. I knew I needed to start marketing; which is not my strength.

Secondly,  to build a solid brand presence and have marketing systems that could support the company as we grew.

What Was The Key Marketing Problem You Were Looking To Solve?

I wanted to be seen as a marketing authority in retail/creative recruitment. And I needed to figure out how to create articles and blog posts to help me be seen as that authority and help our agency stay top of mind with the clients we’re currently working with, as well as clients we want to work with in the future.

The biggest challenge was that I was the marketing person for the business; and unfortunately, I don’t have a marketing background which meant I was doing marketing with limited knowledge.

How Did You Come Across Superfast Recruitment?

I came across Superfast Recruitment while searching online for recruitment marketing support.

While looking around your Superfast Recruitment website, I found a report on marketing automation that I registered for and found helpful. I then started to receive your weekly emails, which were always informative, and one day, a paragraph jumped out at me as I read a particular email.

“Competition is increasing, and the solution is to start marketing your recruitment brand and service now. I understand time is an issue, and you don’t want to waste money on things that don’t work. That is why we developed Superfast Circle for you.”

That message really spoke to me, and I was like, I need to reach out. And that’s when I sent an email, and then Sharon, you, and I had our first conversation.

What Eventually Made You Make The Decision To Invest in Superfast Circle?

A few things made me decide to sign up and join Superfast Circle.

One was that during our conversation, you really understood the kind of problem I had, and you also had the solution: Superfast Circle members have access to content you can then tweak for your industry. So therefore, it wasn’t going to take a lot of time to tailor the content to my audience so that I would be seen as an authority in my market. And that was important to me.

In addition, the ability to communicate with you and Denise and have you as my virtual marketing consultants regularly is invaluable.

Finally, I wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t sign up for the SFC program and be left to figure things out on my own.

You reassured me that I would be supported and ‘handheld’ all the way and I absolutely feel that way.

What Marketing Do You Have in Place, And What Is Working For You?

When I look at my database, I have a lot of candidates, and I have been thinking about how do I engage with them. Having access to the SFC email campaign resources has made this much more straightforward.

For example, I have started implementing candidate and client nurture campaigns to help me stay connected with people rather than being in touch only when I have an opening.

I think sharing value-added content helps with getting responses back from people.

One of the biggest things I’ve achieved is putting out marketing information consistently across my blog and social media, especially LinkedIn. The content you provide is great. It’s relevant and meaningful. You have also helped me think of new ideas to put more personal branding content out. This is something I wouldn’t have done without SFC and your support.

I had gone from having less than 50 impressions on a post before I started working with you and Denise to having almost 4000 impressions on one post, which is my peak so far.

This is all helping me get more eyeballs on my brand, which in turn is helping to get responses from clients, prospective clients, and candidates.

I have heard from people I interact with that they see my content and like it. They don’t always respond, but they see it.

Also, I knew eventually that I wanted to upgrade my website, and this would be a project
for the upcoming year. I’m working with a web designer you introduced me to and in the meantime based on your recommendations, I made some minor upgrades to the current website and updated our logo.

How Was It Tapping Into The Support and Resources As a Member of Superfast Circle?

Well, I like to think that having you and Denise on my team is like having two marketing genies on my side.

You have helped me create quality content that’s helpful for me, my clients, and my candidates. It’s helping me to get information out in a way that I wasn’t able to do before. There are topics being covered monthly that are related to ideas I have had in the back of my mind, and I just didn’t know how to put that down on paper.

Also, the content triggers other ideas that I can expand on, and now I can get them down in a structured and impactful way.

What Difference Has Joining Superfast Circle Made To You and The Business?

Being part of SFC has helped me become more strategic when it comes to marketing for my business. I now have specific systems and automation in place that is making a world of difference.

We schedule social media at different times of the day so that it gets in front of clients and candidates at the right time. The tools help us evaluate the best times for our audience.

We are receiving great feedback on our content which is good for our brand presence. It’s certainly helping us to get responses from clients and candidates when we reach out.

While attending the SFC Spring Virtual Event training, I had several insights and ideas that I’ve been implementing:

1. Increasing our focus on how we realize our mission of prioritizing diversity, inclusion, and respect in all aspects of the recruitment process.

2. Creating new service offerings that meet the needs of our client’s long-term talent acquisition strategies and today’s more immediate requirements.

Finally, I am excited to say that just yesterday, I saw the first stage design of the new website, through an introduction Sharon and Denise made, and I’m very happy with it.

I am excited to see how the website development company is bringing my new brand logo and ideas to life. I also appreciate that Sharon and Denise are open to joining in my discussions with the website company to offer their guidance and suggestions, which is invaluable.

When the site is complete, it will take the communication of the Black Diamond Agency to a new level.

What Has Exceeded Your Expectations As A Member of Superfast Circle?

SFC has absolutely exceeded my expectations, from the quality of the content provided to the availability of both you, Sharon, and Denise to help answer questions and offer guidance. You are both open to hopping on a call for a quick chat or just responding to email, which has been refreshing. It’s nice to have that partnership and guidance.

It’s been wonderful working with you both. I feel like you genuinely understand me, my brand, my business, and what I’m trying to communicate. I feel like you have a vested interest in my success and that means a lot.

Something else I want to say to people is, if marketing is not your strength, and you want to get better at it, then I would highly recommend working with you and Denise.

It will help unblock thoughts and give clarity and direction on where you want to take your marketing. And if what you try doesn’t work, then you and Denise are there to help course correct and try something else.

What Would You Say About Joining Superfast Circle?

The main reason I would recommend SFC was if marketing is not your strength and it’s something that you want to get better at or something that you don’t have time to spend on it, but you still think it’s essential, then you should join SFC and partner with Sharon and Denise.

Go for it and see that it will be money well spent.


“Superfast Circle has absolutely exceeded my expectations, from the quality of the content provided to the availability of both you, Sharon, and Denise to help answer questions and offer guidance. You are both open to hopping on a call for a quick chat or just responding to email, which has been refreshing. It’s nice to have that partnership and guidance.”

Lileah Akiode

The Black Diamond Agency

To find out more about The Black Diamond Agency, please visit their website here.

To find out more about working with Superfast Recruitment or joining our Superfast Circle Programme please fill out the contact form here.

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