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Louise’s first experience of a recruitment company was after she graduated back in 1998.

That experience has shaped First 2 Recruit, the business she started in 2007 with a commitment to offering something that would help them if she couldn’t personally help them find the right role.

Today, Louise and her team are Specialists in Accountancy Practice, Insolvency & Restructuring and Pensions across the UK from their base in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

As a business owner, what was “it” like before you joined Superfast Circle?

Before joining Superfast Circle, I didn’t have any structure to my marketing – it was something I knew I needed to do, and I always felt it hanging over me. But when I set aside time to do it (which was rare), I didn’t know where to start.

What specific marketing problem were you looking to solve?

I was doing little social media; I hadn’t created any new content for my website for a long time and still had no marketing funnel or automated campaigns in place. I felt completely overwhelmed.

How did you find Superfast Recruitment?

Originally I came across Superfast Recruitment through a recommendation from Nicky Coffin at Centred Excellence, and I met Sharon and Denise at several events.

What made you decide to join Superfast Circle?

I knew I couldn’t continue to de-prioritise marketing and expect my business to grow.
I had moved into a new niche at the start of 2020 and found it challenging as we entered unchartered waters with Covid. As we headed towards 2021, I knew I needed to establish my brand and company to a wider audience and build new clients and candidates.

I couldn’t afford not to.

What have you been able to achieve while being a member of Superfast Circle?

My results in the first 6 months have been phenomenal. I now have systems in place:

  • I’ve got a social media plan which is easy to action.
  • My exposure has increased, and I am engaged in more conversations in my niches, which has translated into 42% more new jobs on the board and attracted hard to find candidates who I’ve been able to place. Clients come to me now and I have the luxury of choosing who I want to work with.
  • I have monthly content going on my website and into campaigns and social media.
  • All the nagging jobs that I hadn’t approached because I didn’t know how have finally been completed.
  • I have achieved a significant ROI my TO has trebled in the last 6 months.

How has the company and our services helped you reach your goals – marketing, business growth, financial, even personal goals?

I am no longer worried about marketing or feel overwhelmed by it. Instead, I feel on top of it. Marketing is now something I can easily slot into my monthly and weekly plans, and I know it gives the company more exposure, kudos and helping me achieve my results.

What has exceeded your expectations while working with the Superfast Recruitment team?

The customer service is phenomenal, there are multiple routes to speak to the team, and the response rate is quick. I’ve been amazed by the amount of help and training that has been offered to me.

What is it like to work with Denise and Sharon? How is the company aligned with the values that drive your business?

Working with Denise and Sharon and the SFR team; they are down to earth, approachable, contactable and passionate about what they do and provide vital support and actionable plans.

As business owners, Sharon and Denise understand the pressures I face. They also know the recruitment market as a recruiter, so understand what I need to do to get noticed.

With yourself and Denise, it’s a very personal service, very accessible, quick to respond to any queries, and wrapped up in a package that is easy to access, straightforward to understand, and easy to implement.

What’s the main reason you recommend Superfast Circle to other business owners/marketers?

My job is being a recruiter, Denise and Sharon’s job is marketing. Working with them allows me to prioritise what I’m good at and implement marketing strategies effortlessly. I now realise it’s not complicated, and it doesn’t take very long because of all the resources my membership gives me access to. I can now tick the marketing box off my to-do list without spending hours on it, knowing it works for my business.

What would you tell someone who is considering joining Superfast Circle

Do it – you will be glad you did. When I joined SFC, I had decided I couldn’t afford not to.

The ROI is worth it. You’ll work with two professionals who are passionate about what they do, know our industry and will support you to up-level your marketing, so it’s effortless.


“The customer service is phenomenal, there are multiple routes to speak to the team, and the response rate is quick.  I’ve been amazed by the amount of help and training that has been offered to me. ”

Louise Shepherd
First 2 Recruit

To find out more about First 2 Recruit, please visit their website here.

To find out more about working with Superfast Recruitment or joining our Superfast Circle Programme please fill out the contact form here.

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