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Ice Recruitment is a small boutique IT sales recruitment company that is a specialist recruitment partner for the IT channel. They work exclusively partnering with VARS, LARS, IT Resellers, Distributors, Vendors, Specialist niche resellers and software & services businesses.

Rachel and Neo Pedrithes, the company’s directors, came to us for help and guidance with their marketing.

As a Recruitment business owner, what was “it” like before you joined Superfast Circle?

We started in 2008, and we ran the company as a lifestyle business around the family. It was what we wanted to do. As time progressed and people grew up and developed their independence, it gave us an opportunity to become serious about what we wanted and start talking about strategy, processes, and planning to take the business to the next level.

We didn’t have any marketing in place at all. I don’t think it’s until now that we realised how much we didn’t have! We’ve learnt so much over the last few years. We were running our business, which was doing ‘ok’, but there was no marketing around it.

We would do very basic ads out, gain candidates and make placements; that was it. Now, that was the point where we thought, “We need to do something. This is fine at the minute, but this is not something we could continue to do forever. We had to get some structure in place.”

What specific marketing problem were you looking to solve?

At the time, we didn’t realise what we needed to solve. We needed the knowledge around what we were missing and what we needed.  During some of our very first conversations, you were talking to me, Sharon and establishing, “Do you have this? Have you tried that?” Most of it, we hadn’t even considered.

We’d maybe discussed things here and there, but that would have been it.

We didn’t have any processes or anything in place.

Superfast Circle was beginning when I joined. We were originally thinking, “Well, you can teach us the basics, and then off we’ll go.” It’s developed into a lot more than that, but that was the premise initially, was just, thought “How can we set some basic marketing structure to our business? Because we have none!”

How did you find Superfast Recruitment?

We were introduced to you through someone I’d been meeting regularly because our background wasn’t recruitment, and their background was all recruitment. They were kind with their time and their information, and everything else. They recommended that we speak, and that’s what we did.

What made you decide to join Superfast Circle?

I think after talking with you, there was a connection, and we liked you and Denise.
We liked what you were saying. You seemed to be talking in an understandable way to somebody who’s not a marketeer.

Too often, we had come off a call with a person in another technical area, and we would have no idea what they had been talking about. I was expecting our conversation to be a little bit like that.

Instead, it was so clear and concise.

It was, “We will help you every step of the way; we will talk you through it. If you ever have a question, put it in the group, and one of the team will come back to you.”

Being just a two-person band at the time, having someone we could ask questions to, and knowing that the knowledge was there was so important to me because I was an alone person needing that support and help.


Neo: I thought your values were aligned as well. If we feel we will be a commodity to a company, we won’t work with them.

If two products are similar, we’re going to go with the person or the company that we feel more aligned to form a warmth perspective; from a value-add perspective, people you can call up, and it’s not time on a fee. People that will call you back.

You build a relationship with people because that’s how we work with our clients and our candidates. We wanted something to replicate that. I think that was important.

What have you been able to achieve while being a member of Superfast Circle? – your most significant benefits /results?

The bottom line result is our turnover has trebled, which is what I suspect most people want more revenue in, and that has happened because of what the circle provides.

Because we’re involved in the SFC programme, where you’ve got lots of other people, you’re able to bounce ideas around, and you get a lot of reassurance about what’s worked and what hasn’t. As opposed to what we would have done without it, we would have been going through YouTube videos and reading.

The amount of time saved not getting things wrong is invaluable – we still get things wrong, but we get fewer things wrong!

For example, When we moved over to our new CRM system, not only did we get the idea from someone in the group, they spent time talking to us offline.

Our CRM is part of our marketing, as we learnt with Denise and Sharon. Our CRM system has a drip campaign element to it, which we’re then able to tie in with our database and go forward. That has then added incremental revenue, which wouldn’t have happened!

It has also allowed us to use the marketing campaign collateral that you provide.

We sent a campaign out yesterday using content from you. Then on the back of it today, I’ve had a call for a prospect who wants us to do some work for them.

I’ve been talking to this prospect for about eight months, maybe a year, and they were never quite ready.

Because the collateral went out, it was almost like a memory jogger. I’m not saying that the collateral goes out; someone sees it, they think you’re amazing, they’re going to use you. Sometimes it can work that way; sometimes, it’s the little nudge that helps. I think we’ll sign terms today to get a new client from sending out those emails yesterday from your content.

How has the company and our Superfast Circle helped you reach your marketing, business growth, financial, and even personal goals?

It’s easily added six figures, probably much more, to our number since working with you. Either directly through our work with you guys and getting candidates and opportunities that we may not have reached.

This morning, we engaged a new client through the drip campaigns you create in the circle and a candidate campaign from you has provided the perfect candidate to fill the role.

We have a vision about what is possible that we never had before. This is surrounded by all the training, consulting, and collateral we need to move forward; everything supports us.

The other thing for us is being around other recruitment business owners with similar values. When you are small like us, it can be lonely. Being part of the circle has given us a trusted community; it’s inspiring too.

Some companies are much bigger than us, and it makes us realise what is possible for us.

The other benefit is our personal growth. Neo: I have to say watching Rachel grow over the time we have worked with you has been nothing short of phenomenal.

If we’d had invested in a personal development program over the last couple of years, you would have developed at half the rate that you’ve developed, through SFR, in my opinion. It’s independent of everything else. I’ve seen a massive, massive growth, which has been reflected in the numbers as well. The belief the follow through the process. Rachel has tripled her results, and she isn’t working any harder though a lot smarter.

When we came to you, our lives were at a turning point, where our kids were leaving school, and it was a very different time for us. It was perfect timing for our lives, because like Neo said earlier, we had a lifestyle business, and then we wanted to ramp it up now. With your help, that’s exactly what we’ve done, and the numbers are showing now.

What has exceeded your expectations while working with us?

The level and amount of help you have access to. There are well over a hundred training videos we can go and watch. There is even a technical expert on hand, and Denise and Sharon, because of their experience, can answer the questions we have. Denise will even develop a new email campaign for circle members if someone is struggling with writing something. The volume of marketing materials, campaigns, scripts and resources we have access to saves time. I had never expected all of that.

What is it like to work with Denise and Sharon? How is the company aligned with the values that drive your business?

Oh, it’s been fantastic because it’s almost like we are part of the same business. We’re not just clients; we’re not just people on the end of the phone getting a fee.

To me, I’ve never been treated like that by you two and your team, ever. I’ve always felt like you were an addition. You are part of our business. We are one business, and you are that knowledge, and we’re doing this. I’ve always felt I could reach out. The values you have, match with us so well; honesty, integrity, adding value always-I’ve never felt like I was asking a silly question ever.

What’s the main reason you recommend Superfast Circle to other business owners/marketers?

Whether you are a business owner doing the marketing or whether you have a marketer, no matter how much experience you have, there is nothing like having the support of other people who know more.

It is easy to think you are doing the right thing when you are working away on your own, and you can waste so much time without getting the perspective of people that ‘do’ marketing for a living in your sector.

In his previous life, Neo managed teams of over 100 people, and something he always say’s he learnt is that no matter how much you think you know, you don’t! There is always another angle or perspective you can pick up from the SFR team and all the circle members.

There’s nothing like having that comfort of knowing you can ask someone else, and it’s not about whether you’re the MD, the marketing director or marketing exec; it’s about having that support and that accountability and that help whenever you need it.

I would recommend it highly because the benefits are fantastic. You get the community, and I love the events we have in the Lake District. Even though we couldn’t have them last year, Denise and Sharon ran them virtually for us.

There’s so much more to it than just turning up on a Zoom and turning it off an hour later. It is knowledge, information, and content virtually ready to use straight away; it is a community and friendship. I would certainly highly recommend it.

What would you tell someone who is considering joining Superfast Circle?

Do it! Our business is in a very different place financially than when we joined. The circle does over-deliver. You get training on every aspect of the marketing mix, and then what is unique is you get campaigns and resources to use, which are being added to all the time with no extra charge.

From day one, Denise and Sharon are helping you move forward. Being in a community is very important to us, and the circle is a safe place to share your thoughts and ask for help and support when needed.


It has helped us grow as business owners, and the results are showing in our business too.




Our business has trebled since we joined the circle. The level of help, training, support and marketing materials you have access to is outstanding. Literally, everything is provided for you so you can move forward. You can ask any question, and you will get support. The community of people in the group is outstanding.

Neo and Rachel Pedrithes
ICE Recruitment Ltd

To find out more about ICE Recruitment, please visit their website here.

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