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The Recruiting Office

Client Background

Neil Scarborough is MD of The Recruitment Office, an agency he opened to bring ‘honest, open, knowledgeable and ethical recruitment to Norfolk’s logistics and manufacturing companies.’

The Recruitment Office implements the traditional headhunting skills previously reserved for executive-level recruitment and aims to connect with those hard to find candidates that other recruiters fail to reach.

The agency has established a growing reputation for finding perfect candidates for a broad range of temporary and permanent roles, proactively seeking to connect with passive candidates as well as those in the active market.

What Made You Decide to Work with Superfast Recruitment?

Previously the only marketing we’d ever really undertaken had been cold calling and telesales. And that had proven to be less and less effective as time has gone on. And we realised there were a lot of other marketing channels we could take, but we didn’t have the knowledge to allow us to explore or implement them.

So, our objective in joining Superfast was to gain that knowledge and that certainty.

What Made You Continue to Work with Superfast Recruitment?

We’re now are doing regular blog posts, consistent content marketing and regular lead magnet marketing. 

We didn’t know what those things were last year. We certainly didn’t know how to implement them. So, we’re a long way beyond where we were 12 months ago.

The Benefits of Working with Superfast Recruitment?

It’s enabled us to engage with a larger audience, and obviously we’re able to better target those larger audiences, so we know the people we’re engaging with are our potential customers of the future. 

Working with Superfast has given us some definite hard conversions. 

How has Superfast Helped You Reach Your Goals?

So, we can say there’s definitely been a return in revenue.

I think the next 12-month plan, is going to implement the stages that take potential customers from people casually viewing us, and moving them those who are interested through the buying process. So that’s where we’re going to get the real returns. 

There’s been a definite return already, but the longer-term will give us the more valuable return.

What Is It Like to Work with Superfast Recruitment?

Very easy, primarily. 

I think the benefit of Superfast is you can dip in as much as you want to, whether it is attending the regular weekly conference calls or just listening to them. 

There’s always valuable information gained from what other people are asking. They’re asking questions you’ve never even thought of, and you suddenly realise that the question they asked has value to your business. So that has a definite value. 

Having someone who we can ask questions of who understands the marketing sector, and having someone who not only gives us an immediate answer but goes away and thinks of a solution that’s relevant to us in our business; that has real value. 

I think the thing that’s interesting from my point of view is, if any member on a conference call asks a question, and the answer isn’t immediately obvious  – or someone raises a particular piece of software they’ve encountered – there will often be an initial answer, such as “Our experience is X, Y, and Z”, but the answer on occasion has been followed by, “…but we’ve not explored it personally, so let us go away and research that.” 

It’s nice to know it’s not just a flippant answer and then they’ve moved on; there is some further investigation taking place behind the scenes, and then a resolution brought back.

So, it’s been really easy to deal with Superfast.

What is an Example of How Superfast Recruitment Went the Extra Mile For You?

It was interesting when I came to Superfast and said, “I’d like to have a lead magnet for my clients.” 

There would have been the opportunity for them to say, “Well, we can do that for you as content writers.” But what was interesting was that they said, “Well, we think that subject has value to the whole group. We will write it as a regular lead magnet in conjunction with you.” 

That really was going beyond the norm.

It’s enabled us to engage with a larger audience, and obviously we’re able to better target those larger audiences, so we know the people we’re engaging with are our potential customers of the future.

Working with Superfast has given us some definite hard conversions.

Neil Scarborough
The Recruiting Office

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