Your Social Profile and Why Business and Pleasure Need To Mix

Episode #174 : Making Business Friends On Social

So often we hide. It often comes across as; oh that won’t work in my niche. When the truth is it just might.

Today  I’m going to talk about coming out on Facebook!


Yes connecting with potential candidates and clients, stepping outside of your comfort zone to take your business to the next level.

What you will discover
  • Why making friends on social will increase business
  • How to change your profile for maximum success
  • What to share and when
  • The power of building momentum on social
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[Please excuse any typing errors. This is a direct transcription from the video for your benefit.]

I first joined Facebook exactly ten years ago. I know because FB kindly told me a few weeks ago.

A lot has changed in 10 years when it comes to Social Media and Social Networking.  I remember working with a client who didn’t ‘believe in Facebook’…

Strange it’s like I don’t believe in electricity I know that wasn’t what he meant.

His reference was related to the fact that he didn’t believe any of his candidate database was on Facebook and therefore didn’t think he should spend any time or resource there.

It’s fine to have an opinion; though it does help if it’s backed up by data or experience.

We don’t work together anymore…

He was a nice enough bloke and it’s critical as a business owner to be open to possibility.

Test and measure before you make a decision.

Over half the worlds population has a Facebook profile. What if only 20% of your market was there, would you take a 20% kick up in placements?

So today let’s talk about mixing business and pleasure.

What if your Facebook profile could help to elevate your brand position and connect you with clients and candidates?

Well it can.

Remember in today’s connected world people buy from people.

So today I want to run through how to tweak and change your profile to stand out to your desired market.

Your Real Name

Obvious I know and yet some people don’t use their real name; which for business owners and sales people I find a bit weird.

I understand that members of our wonderful police force or social services are undercover I get that and …………….hang on your in business aren’t you?

Pictures Of You

A normal picture of you.

Not your dog or a glass of wine.

People are looking for your face it’s human nature 101.

People work with people and demonstrating your personality is fine; however having something slightly offensive is well…. The act of a plonker!

As my wonderful mum would say; it isn’t funny Denise and it doesn’t put you across in your best light! Thanks Flo that was one of many gems you left me with.

Ditto with your cover photo too. If you work in a particular town with a recognised landmark add it.

Or perhaps you and your family.

It’s about human connection.

I have my podcast microphone and Sharon has a picture presenting at Rec Expo.

Where You Work and About You

As with everything fill it out in full! You are restricted with your bio in the amount of characters you can add so make it count. Mine highlights the fact I am a marketer and writer for the recruitment and staffing sector.

Why? Surprise surprise those are the clients we want to attract.

Add your various roles and positions and link back to your website.

Add where you live if that is possible imagine that you work in Bedford as a recruiter and someone sees you work there… they might just contact you first because people work with who they know like and trust.

Share Your Clients Success

Recently we have shared job adverts from our clients success stories; one client has been on the radio  a few time over the past couple of months times and this week we carried out some probono work for a charity in Wigan.

So we were able to promote their charity too.

It’s logical isn’t it. The more people see of you the more they remember you, the more likely they are to work with you.

You are sharing success… so might this alter the opinion of people that see your profile.

The answer is yes by the way.

Share What Is Important To You About Helping Businesses Grow

A while back I shared a post about using your local supplier and how that supports local business. At the last count it has about 30 shares and over 100 likes.  The message obviously resonates.

I often share business, career and personal development updates.

It’s important to me. I’m obsessed with marketing.

I suspect you are obsessed with helping candidates and their careers grow and enabling your clients to scale; so why not share a useful link ?

Nothing wrong with sharing family photo’s and events…. It’s common for the Superfast Staffy to make at least one appearance a week to.

The updates you make help people to decide if you are the kind of person they want too work with too.

What next?

Step outside your comfort zone and start connecting.

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