90 Day Recruitment Marketing Planning: What Most People Miss

Episode #174 90 Day Recruitment Marketing Planning and What Most People Miss

Planning! Can’t live with it and can’t live without it, or is that just me?  I can honestly say that the success I have been lucky enough to achieve over the years is because of an ability to plan.

So, let’s look at planning and especially the power of the 90-day plan.

What you will discover
  • Why 90-day plans work
  • The current to desired state framework for planning.
  • How to use milestones to plan your success
  • Why any plan needs short- and long-term goals
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Transcription (please excuse any typing errors)

Back in the day, I used to work in the Pharmaceutical industry. At the time one of the most successful and profitable sectors on the planet.

We always worked in 90-day cycles; I guess because it worked.

A bit like the Goldilocks principle; a time frame long enough to get things achieved and not too long that thoughts, ideas and plans get shelved because of procrastination kicking in.

Over the past few weeks, we have been talking to our clients in Superfast circle about their progress so far.

We have had people on the radio, saying goodbye to long-standing clients and a big hello to new ones…., building teams, setting themselves up with new websites and podcast channels and the list goes on.

The thing is if you want to set goals, and hit them, it’s vital to have a ‘working plan’, and this is what 90-day marketing planning is all about.

Of course, you still need to know what you want to achieve over the year and in the longer term ideally 3-5 years.

Even though our minds feed off energy and positive belief, we need something guiding us, keeping us from losing momentum and going off tangent.

Therefore breaking your year into four bite-sized pieces works so well.

Your mind can see 90 days into the future which then allows you to push harder without distractions.

We have been working in 90-day cycles for years, and it’s exactly what we encourage all our clients to do too.

So here are some suggestions to make 90-day plans work for you.

What Do You Want To Happen This Year?

In the words of the legend Stephen Covey, start with the end in mind.

If you want to achieve X placements at Y profit, then you need some numbers around this. Do you know how long it takes typically from getting a role from a client to sourcing a candidate and sending an invoice?

This data is invaluable when you are calculating your time and what is possible.

What Needs To Happen First and Last?

From my past coaching and personal development days, I always work in timelines. So simple and yet many people miss this step.

Though you might have massive ideas about what you want to achieve sometimes, there are a few fundamental steps first that you need to put in place.

Here is a process you can use. It’s known as the present state to desired state.

Say your goal is to launch a new desk in a specific sub-sector of your market. As an example, if you were an education recruiter and you wanted to start a desk in special needs supply in a specific town; let’s say, Preston, that is performing well and delivering 200 supply teachers per month.

Grab yourself a piece of A4 paper, turn it on its side and on the left-hand side put no desk and on the right-hand side put, supply desk delivering 200 supply teachers a month.

Then think through precisely what milestones need to happen along the way to hit that goal.

It might be:

  • Market research and proof of concept
  • Competitor analysis
  • Create an offer
  • Recruit a specific consultant or train another
  • Purchase a database
  • Add a page to the website
  • ……………………………and the list goes on

I suspect that all the ideas I have suggested won’t happen in 90 days though they might in 360, provided you have a plan.

Short Term Versus Long-term

As you create your plan, remember that you need a mix of short- and long-term goals.

Earlier today as I record this we were talking to a new Superfast Circle member who has a new website in the plan.

We helped her map out the steps from current to desired state for the website and their re-brand.

We also then shared some quick win strategies that her company and team of consultants could act on now for quick wins.

What Next?

As I write this, we are approaching the end of Quarter 1. So where are you when it comes to your 90-day goals? Maybe you didn’t consider what was possible across that time frame of your priorities were off?

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