When Marketing Your Recruitment Company Gets Just Too Much!



A recent survey by Charterhouse reported that over 50% of marketers admit that they are dependent on third party agencies to help deliver their marketing campaigns because they don’t have either the budget or headcount to deliver everything they need. You can read the full article here on marketing magazines website. Marketing and its delivery is changing.


I am old enough to remember what a simple marketing plan looked like – you know what I mean? A couple of marketing strategies  that you ‘did’ in cycles and hey presto, it seemed to work. If you are over 30, I suspect you remember them too?


Oh how life has changed in the past few years driven in part by increased access to each other via the internet. A number of years ago a viral video was created called “Did you know”, gave some startling figures. If you love crazy figures about growth and change, it is worth a look.


Though I am sure we all love having fast access online to our friends, the best deals and more clients and candidates, there is also a corresponding challenge when it comes to marketing your own recruitment company – time and resource. The push has happened as the available marketing channels have increased over the last ten years. As a recruitment company I suspect LinkedIn is your best friend? Hard to believe it only launched on May 6th 2003 and yet now has over 600 million members.




A marketing channel that must be leveraged at all costs. Every week something new happens at LinkedIn – LinkedIn apps, contacts, promote an update, new analytics. So how do you keep up to date with what will help you in your specific recruitment sector? Get your friendly marketing company to advise you. What other channels do you and your brand need to dominate?


Take a gulp, the whole web marketing platform needs to be considered depending on your sector and where your clients and candidates are active.


fast track your sales

Google is the main search engine in the majority of the western world and ideally you want your website to appear on the first page for your chosen keyword. It can get complicated. The entire search engine marketing ‘stuff’ occasionally fries the brain of even the calmest marketer. Add in the thirst everyone now has for knowledge and access to content and information on a regular basis and it becomes obvious that companies who are serious about growth need help.


So where do you start? Decide what you need help with and what you have been struggling to ‘do’ yourself that you know is important for your business. Hint: If it has been at the bottom of a pile for weeks or has traveled home with you every night for a month you need to hand it over.


Stressed out recruitment business owner


Think about it this way – what is the best use of your time to create the results you want? I doubt it is, writing your own web copy, informational “keep in touch” emails or running your own LinkedIn PPC campaign. Now all of this will produce results by the way. You are a recruitment business owner and your skills are in other areas – setting the vision for your agency; winning business; managing your team so they bill as much as you.


So, what has been at the bottom of your ‘to do’ list for weeks that you know is important?  Next step: Hand it over!





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Click To Tweet: [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]Decide what you need help with and if it has been at the bottom of a pile for weeks, you need to hand it over. – Super Fast Recruitment[/inlinetweet]


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