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If you are the sort of recruitment business owner that just wants the facts without a context, the list is at the bottom of the article. Though you might miss some subtle gems between the lines.


I am an avid reader as you might have gathered from last week’s post on Chris Evans. I also am quite obsessed with research and learning particularly when it comes to business.


I constantly look for ideas to share with readers and potential new clients. The first step involves looking at the notes that we take when we are with clients about what their issues are. I then add into the mix, our most visited blog posts and what my ‘mentors’ are talking about as current.

[Hint: useful ideas to find out the pains of your market]

So what is coming up at the moment? Lead generation. It is a constant theme for any business owner. As a client once eloquently told me, if you are not attracting enough clients for your business you are literally ‘stuffed’. Yes they used another word and I would like this blog post to stay up and not be removed by Google!

Before you say, “it is different in recruitment we need clients and candidates!” we know. We agree it can be even more complex as a client and a candidate might need a slightly different strategy- though much is similar- more on that another time.


Going back to this leads issue. I was reading a private comment from Drayton Bird, a legendary copywriter I learn heaps from and apparently 60% of business owners have problems with their lead generation. It might be slightly higher or lower in recruitment.




It often comes up as an issue midyear as we look on the business and workflow planner and October and November look light? So why does this lack of leads happen?


Honestly? A lack of focus; measurement and consistent action. Why that happens is another matter and this lady can probably help you out on this one. Hey all of us can drop the ball sometimes and spiral off on a tangent.


The truth: If you want a specific result you need to do something and dabbling won’t work.


I know I keep on about planning and action and I have an example for you that demonstrates the power of this. A client of ours had never ‘really’ done anything online. So we gave her some suggestions and she took action. The result? They made more placements and even better.  They have seen a pattern of what is working. Was it painful for her investing in something quite new? I suspect it was, yet now she can look at the results and know what to ditch and what to dive into.


We have mentioned lead generation before, giving a couple of examples. So I thought it might be useful to mention a few more. Each one could be the subject of a book and yet I guarantee every one of these will work. You will just need to get more detail on the how. I could probably list 100 ideas here all of which would work. Instead I have gone for my top 10. See which ones resonate and… you know the drill. Take action: )


10 Lead generation strategies for Recruiters:


1. Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Courtesy of Hubspot


Think website here. Optimise for the search engines and have a call to action and capture names and contact details. This is a foundation every recruitment company needs in todays environment. Billions, and growing, searches online means more clients.


2. Outbound




Pick up the phone and talk to people. Less people do this now ( I know that might surprise you- I think the ‘don’t bother cold calling’ idea was a rumor started by someone who wanted to sell people courses on how they could be a millionaire without doing any work !) which means there is an opportunity.


Do it consistently. What is the worst that can happen?… Someone says no!


3. Social Media


fast track your sales

It works. It might need a subtle approach and it will bring in leads for you. Eventually you will need to go back to no 2 mind. As a recruiter social media will work and fast. You MUST have a presence on LinkedIn so people can find you. It is now, for many potential clients, the first place they come across you so make it count.


4. Networking


Works well if you choose your network and if you are a local recruitment supplier. From BNI to the local chamber event. The business network is another networking group that tends to work with, higher level, companies that use the services of a recruiter.


5. Work In Promotional Cycles – Events

Courtesy of 77diamonds

Courtesy of 77diamonds


It works and audiences respond. Different market and last night good old M and S emailed me to celebrate Kate and Williams’s new arrival. Do you think they made any sales from that?


Cycle marketing works. It helps to focus the mind and creates a buzz that produces results. This was how I was taught to market and sell for a company that turned over billions.


6. Referrals


This strategy works. As recruiters you are in the ‘people and relationships’ market where it works better than ever. Make sure your service is top notch before you use this one.


7. Paid Advertising


Job boards work and so do other mediums. It is about being in the right place at the right time where your potential client is. Through Google you can target adverts to show up on relevant websites. You can do this on LinkedIn as well. You have PPC, banner adverts, and everything in between. Depending on your sector facebook might also be worth considering if your target hangs out there.


8. Value Marketing


Help someone and demonstrate your expertise and they are much warmer to you. It is known as reciprocity and it is one element of marketing that people miss. There is a book called “The Psychology of Influence”. Buy yourself a copy it is fascinating and has some practical ideas you can use. For value marketing, think webinars, teleseminars etc.


recruitment-marketing-ideas9. Current Clients


If they like you they might just be in the market for more. Keep in touch. Refer to number 2! And our previous blog post.


10. Lapsed Clients


They might have left you for a reason or have moved companies. Both this potential client and number 9 are easier to convert. Number 9 and 10 can be part of an emarketing campaign. You will be astounded how that strategy can work for you.



As an ambitious recruitment organisation, THE marketing strategy to master is email marketing. It will consistently deliver both candidates and clients.

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About the Author:

Denise Oyston
Denise Oyston is the CEO of Super Fast Recruitment, who specialise in helping recruitment and staffing organisations globally to attract candidates, clients and talent, through their online training programmes and service delivery. Denise has 27 years’ experience in sales and marketing and is a ghost writer for many well-known names in the recruitment sector and with her business partner, Sharon Newey, is the creator of Dominate Your Sector. This is the premier marketing training programme for business owners and their marketers.