Recruitment Marketing Lessons From Queer Eye and The British Cycling Team

Episode #176 : Marketing Lessons From Queer Eye and BCT

Marketing lessons from Queer Eye and the British Cycling teams: Polar opposites or what!

However they both use a technique that works like gangbusters when it comes to marketing. we explain more in this week’s post.

What you will discover
  • Why going big fast isn't always a good option
  • How the compound effect works at every level
  • How doubling up improves results
Resources from the episode

Email Marketing for Recruitment Companies: SFR Content Services

The Compound Effect: Darren Hardy’s Book

Today I want to talk to you about what your recruitment marketing has in common with the Netflix series Queer Eye and the British Cycling Team.

In this Netflix series  Queer Eye, we have four guys who are looking at a person’s nutrition and health and how they’re eating. They look at their grooming, their dress, and then how they’re showing up in the world and in their daily life.

They are recommending subtle changes and after a week working with these four individuals, you get presented almost a totally different person. Someone who’s confident looks great and he or she is just ready to take on the world.

Now, think about the British Cycling Team. Many years ago they just didn’t feature on the success podiums at any significant games in that sport.

Ten years later though, having worked with Sir David Brailsford for several years,  on several small incremental changes this has has resulted in the British Team being the most successful cycling team, picking up numerous gold medals.

Small Changes and Big Results?

Now how does this relate to your marketing? Well, imagine, think about your marketing today and all the different strategies that you have working. Let’s take email marketing, what if you decided to email out twice a week rather than once a week to your database.

What if currently you’re emailing twice a month to your database. What if you did that once a week. What if you thought about your social media and think about how frequently do you share blog posts. What if you increase that by one post a day or once every other day?

Now if you took the different marketing strategies that you’re implementing and let’s say you chose three or four of them and you thought about what could be one small incremental change that you could make to increase frequency or improve how you’re doing that particular strategy?

Now, the compound effect of all those small changes will make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your marketing and the results that you’re getting.

So a great starting point would be to download the Recruitment Marketing Checklist if you haven’t done that already there is a link at the bottom of this page.

Go and have a look at that and work out what information does that give you about where you can make some improvements. As you look to improve the effectiveness of the marketing that you’re doing, choose two or three of those areas and decide what you can do to improve that particular strategy.

Now, when you’ve done that you will start to see the compound effect of all those changes. So download that checklist now and have a look at what you can focus on to make that transformation in your marketing.


That’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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