Content Marketing

There are millions of reasons why recruitment and staffing companies across the globe are now investing in content marketing as a critical marketing strategy.

The recruitment sector is in a unique situation.

Not many organisations have to convince two distinct groups to work with them. Recruiters have to pitch their service to clients in their sector and then to the best candidate to fill that role.

This is where content marketing comes in by positioning your recruitment brand above all others as the recruiting partner to work with.

A solid content strategy will allow you to introduce your recruitment and staffing brand to new clients and candidates, and to showcase your expertise and knowledge. It will enable you to build a following who can then be converted into paying clients and candidates who
you place.

This is where Superfast Recruitment can help.

We have been successfully writing content in all its many forms for our recruitment and staffing clients for over 11 years. From regular blog posts to email campaigns, marketing funnels, reports and social media.

When you engage with our content marketing team, this is how we work.

Step 1: Your Content Marketing Audit

You can’t make a plan of where you want to go until you know your starting point.

We talk with you about your outcomes and what you want your content to achieve and then carry out a detailed content audit. This considers the content you already have around your website and online social channels. We review everything, from blog posts, pages, reports, word count and, of course, your analytics.

All of this should be aligned with your business objectives, budget and how you attract and engage with your ideal clients and candidates.

We’ll help you to understand your goals, your audiences, your online platforms and more, to make sure your content world is working hard for your business.

Step 2: We Interview You and Talk To Your Market

If you want to know what your clients and candidates want or need; ask them.

So, this is what we do.

We talk to your candidates and clients and understand what is important to them and what help they need. We then use this information and data in step three.

Step 3: We Create Your Content Plan for You

Successful organisations always work to a plan. It’s the same when it comes to your content marketing.

Based on our content audit, client and candidate interviews and our eleven years of experience in the recruitment market, we then map out your content plan.

Step 4: We Write Your Content

With your plan in hand, we get to work writing your blogs, email campaigns, social media and reports. You then give us the green light and in the background we beaver away creating, posting and sharing your content.

It’s Time To Stand Out In a Crowded Market

While marketing is getting harder every single day in the recruitment and staffing sector, we are one of the foremost content marketing agencies working with the recruitment and staffing market.

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