The Power of Rejuvenation Reflection and Refocus

Episode #175 : The Power of Rejuvenation Reflection and Refocus

We aren’t machines. Even the most productive of us needs time to regroup, reflect and recharge if we want to do great work.

Today, we share how that might work for you too in this week’s podcast.


What you will discover
  • Why regular breaks can be tied into business goals
  • You can't do great work in a poor state
  • Time away gives clarity
  • Why planning needs to take priority
Resources from the episode

Marketing Training: Superfast Circle

Hi everyone, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and a couple of weeks ago, Denise recorded a podcast about 90 day planning.

Interestingly, we were having a conversation on exactly this same topic with our Superfast circle members yesterday. So I wanted to jump on this short video/podcast to share a couple of key insights and learnings about the process.


We were on holiday in Scotland last week, and it was a great time to do some rejuvenation and recharge those batteries. And after we’d had a few chilled days, it was a great opportunity to step back and reflect on what a great first quarter we’d had, and then start thinking about the next 90 days.

Now, in the conversations we were having yesterday, and linked to our own experience last week, I think one of the insights we had was, while we work on 90 day cycles within the business, we don’t take that same principle and apply it to ourselves as individuals when we’re thinking about 90 days of looking after Sharon Newey, or 90 days of looking after Denise Oyston.

One of the real take aways was that:

“You can’t do your best work if you are not in your best state.”

And I don’t about you, but by the backend of 2018 we were both shattered, we’d been incredibly busy, not just in that last quarter, but over the year, and we were just so ready for a break – rejuvenation.


And of course, we get a good period of rest over Christmas, don’t we? But something that we did from a planning point of view, reflecting on 2018 thinking about 2019 was, we decided that at the end of each quarter or towards the end of each quarter we need to have some rejuvenation time.

Therefore, we blocked off and booked a week’s holiday at the end of each quarter and having had that week we now feel so different, it gave us a great opportunity to reflect on quarter one, what we’d achieved versus the plan.

Having that time away from the business was great to just take some time to reflect and think about quarter two and what those achievements in Q1 meant for what we could achieve in Q2 and how we could refocus.

The Power Of Consistent Planning Time

Now I think something that came out of our reflections and what we talked about with the Super Fast team yesterday was, it’s great to create 90 day plans, isn’t it? But sometimes as we start moving into implementation, something happens.

We get involved in working in the business, some of it might be on the business, but we’re in that flow of implementation. And what can happen if we’re not careful, is that we don’t take that time on a monthly basis to just step back and keep reflecting, look at that 90 day plan, keep course correcting if we need to, but keep being focused.

Because there is a danger, as we are enthusiastic business owners, opportunities come into our path during that quarter, it can be really easy to say, “Yes, yes, yes,” and not think, “Is this opportunity moving me closer to one of our goals, or is it taking me towards those goals but it’s going to go down a different path and it could take me longer, and it could be a diversion?”

So a good thing to do is, build into those 90 day plans, planning time, reflection time, and also on a personal level, time over each month as you’re moving through that quarter to do a little bit of rejuvenation, to make sure that your batteries are charged, that you are in the right state to do your best work.

So just a few thoughts and reflections there on 90-day plans. And if you haven’t had time yet to think about your planning for Q2, it’s only the start of April, this week is a great time to take stock, take a little bit of time out away from the business, so you’ve got a nice clear head and just think about what are some of the key priorities for this quarter that will help you achieve those goals that you’re striving for towards the end of the year.


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