Social Media for Recruiters – What Content Should You Share?

In our Social Media for Recruiters blog post series, we have shared specific details about the power of social media in our current post-pandemic world.

Recruiters have lost roles, candidates and clients, and a hell of a lot more than they ever anticipated 12 weeks ago.

It might feel like you must make a fresh start, especially if you want to have a sporting chance of regaining any revenue this year.

Bad news alert: at some level, you do.

For the first time in a while, many recruiters are facing the challenge of new business development – not always the most popular task or the easiest KPI to deliver.

The issue for many companies is they ‘thought’ they were ‘marketing’, and this was based on sharing their current vacancies and resharing the odd link to an industry body.

Which brought in some level of ‘ok’ growth.

The cold hard truth is that we are now in a time frame where transactional selling won’t work in the same market and especially when you are looking for new clients.

  • In a buoyant market – transactional selling works;
  • In a contracting market – time for the consultative sell.

Yes, now is the time where you need to create more demand while improving your conversion skills too.

Remember That Buzz Word ‘Thought-Leadership’?

Do you remember when LinkedIn first arrived on the scene, and business blogging and content marketing became a thing? Well, over the years, content marketing is being embraced by companies who realise that demonstrating value to potential new clients alongside your worth is a critical part of the decision-making process.

Whacky memes, comments on the market, good news stories all have their place. However, like all things in business, you need to have a system and process around this to make it work for you.

You want your potential new clients and candidates to –

  • Know, like and trust you.
  • Have a sense that you are an organisation that could help them.

We talked about having a content plan in our last post, which you can find here.

When it comes to planning, what content specifically should you rotate round when it comes to social media updates?

Do you share your own or others’ content and what specific areas of focus do you need to consider?

Here’s a rough guide of just some of the things that we share with our clients in Superfast Circle that you could jump on right now.

What Social Content Should We Share?

Let us start with the most obvious as I always say there is no free lunch so send people back to your website with snippets from your specific content that will help them that could be client or candidate.

Memes/visuals go down well. Who doesn’t like a good positive quote?

And here’s something to consider – you can pack a lot more power into the punch of your meme by adding some text as well, as you pre-sell the reason why this particular quote might be relevant for your audience.

Consistently, we always receive more views when we do this on social.

Consider social media as a fishing pond for prospective clients and of course candidates too.

A relationship starts by getting hold of an individual’s contact details and providing value at the same time.

If you’ve got the latest report on market trends or interview skills or building a talent pipeline, share this regularly and consistently, and you will be surprised how many names and email addresses you receive.

National days are all the rage, and if something is popular, it can be good to utilise this to your best effect; however, think about the days that you talk about.

Of course, mention the odd wacky one here and there. The best employee day or International Women’s Day or Movember all have a specific theme and are also business-related.

According to everything we seem to be reading now, video is ‘in’ and will continue to be for many years to come.

Video and Social

If you aren’t using video to communicate something of value or a market update, I strongly suggest that you start doing this consistently.

Yes, you’ll get more views and, it’s the closest way that an individual can get to experience you and your brand and what you might be about.

There really is no excuse these days not to create video content – most of us have semi-decent internet, and a smartphone with a microphone can do a fantastic job.

In our recent marketing trends report, which by the way is just as relevant now as it was at the start of the year, we talked about live video. You can stream live now onto multiple platforms; think Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

People love lives, and the recent pandemic has tuned us into to watching live videos; whether that be our favourite band or politician, so leverage this change in behaviour where you can.


Now there isn’t anything wrong with sharing the latest roles that you have for your clients and multiple pages on your website that can add value; just don’t make it all that you share. Make sure that there’s added-value there too.

Something I have noticed recently is that updates about you, your team and what you’re up to get traction.

Not surprising really; people do like people no matter what popular culture might try to make us think otherwise, and it is especially relevant when your business is based on people interaction, which of course recruitment is.

Imagine if you’re a candidate looking at a potential recruitment consultant online; you want to see what they’re doing and how they could help you.

On the flip side, if you’re a client seeing that a company you work with supports a local charity, works well with their team and demonstrates they are a professional organisation – what a difference this can make in a final decision.

Finally, what about some self-promotion about what your market thinks about you and the service you deliver? One of the most highly trafficked pages on a website is the page that promotes testimonials and case studies. So make sure that this also is shared on social media. If you’ve got a great testimonial, why not share this in front of your market on a consistent and regular basis?

Next Steps?

As always, it takes action. Start sharing content like this consistently, and watch your brand make an impact in the market.



P.S. Would you like clarity and direction on how to market your way out of the pandemic. Then give us a call on +44 01524 784331 or book a slot with us here.

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