Social Media Marketing for Recruiters: Guidelines Before You Start

Social Media Marketing for recruiters is the next series of posts we will be creating. If you want to access last week’s post, you can do so here.

We gave you a ton of reasons last week why you need to double down on posting now.

The question is, where do you start?

What Does Your Sector Need to Know About Now?

Fundamentally why they should choose you as their recruiter; I know! Though there are a few stages before that, and this is about answering the many questions going on in their head.

We gave you a whole host of ideas in this post here about evergreen versus COVID content. So no excuse to get going.

Social Media Content Guidelines

When it comes to posting content on various social media channels, you need to consider a few key things. It’s always important to add value, to engage your readers, to entertain and most importantly include a call to action too; all while maintaining your brand voice.

Your brand voice is about what you are recognised for –

  • Are you formal?
  • Are you friendly?
  • Are you conservative or just random?

The thing is people will look out for you, and what you say, so you need to ensure consistency. So if you are sharing content that demonstrates you are Mr or Mrs Professional Recruiter and then you post a rogue image or meme, you aren’t doing yourself any favours at all.

Yes, you need to be authentic and make sure that your authenticity aligns with your overall brand.

When it comes to the style of content, use a combination of text, video and images and if you’ve got the voice for it – go with podcasting too!

The thing about human beings is we have many different preferences when it comes to consuming content; some of us are visually preferenced, others audio, and others just like to read.

That is why you need to make sure that you mix things up, again this always boils down to testing and measuring what content performs well, what images do people view and what times are the best to post content your market will see.

Remember if you are an international recruiter, you will need to mix up your timings across the board. For instance, we have clients on the other side of the globe in Australia and Dubai, as well as here in the UK.

Therefore, we mix all our content around, and it’s posted at different times. Whatever you do, make sure you have a posting schedule that ensures consistency about you and your posting. 

To Automate or Not to Automate

Today on our Superfast Circle call, we discussed this exact topic. Over the past few years, social media automation has got a bad rap, and yet the reality is it still works incredibly well.

Believe it or not, some of our automated social media posts get exceptional views.

Our recommendation is to combine the two.

Have a base level of automated posts so that you know your brand is always in front of your candidate and client market no matter what is hitting the fan in the office!

Then as part of your daily process create a status update in the moment; there is no excuse not to do this as it takes less than 10 minutes, all done. The status update character count is currently less than 1300 characters too, so it isn’t exactly a War and Peace post!

Automation Software

When it comes to using social media automation software, there is a huge choice – from Buffer to Hootsuite to MeetEdgar and Paiger App.

Your preferred option will come down to budget.

Though don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater; look at the functionality that you want, whether you are a prolific content creator and how many individuals you have in your team. All of this information will help you make an informed choice.

Yes, there are free versions of many tools; however, if you’re a serious business owner, free versions just don’t have the functionality that you need.

Plan Your Content

When it comes to planning out your content, it’s a good idea to have a content plan related to your market and what is important for them throughout the year.

For many recruitment companies, this has gone out of the window, and if that’s the case for you, it’s time to press reset. With lockdown now being lifted, there is light on the horizon, and you can start to plan out your content as a minimum for the next few months ahead.

Think about having content that speaks to both your candidates and clients problems. Interrelate this with Evergreen content, some engaging think pieces and of course that all-important call to action for you and your recruiting brand. Do this, and you won’t go far wrong.

Earlier we mentioned posting at different times of the day that includes weekends; yes people may know that your posts are automated, but it’s still good to have that content out in front of your market… hold your hand up if you’ve ever been on LinkedIn at the weekend – yes I thought so!

Next Time

Next time we will share several ideas on content you can share, most of which you might already have.




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