Social Media for Recruiters: Why Your Recruitment Company Needs to Be All Over Social Media Now

Today I want to talk about Social Media and Recruitment. Strange times we live in as I sit down to write this in June 2020; living in a rural setting, we haven’t physically seen any of our family and friends for approaching three months.

Not normal for us though hardly as challenging as some people in similar situations to us make out.

Though let’s get real, our ancestors didn’t exactly have it easy either, multiple plagues, wars, and recessions happened quite frequently in the scheme of things; so, they had their fair share of challenges too!

Though you might debate the sentiments I am sharing here, there was no Zoom to run a family or friends quiz on or Facetime to chat to a friend or multiple social media feeds to keep us engaged, aware and let’s be honest entertained.

At a low point last week even, I sank to watching a cat video; something I said I would never do.

Which leads me onto to today’s post, your use of social media.

I’m talking about your use as a recruitment business.

One of my first ever business mentors told me to put my bucket where the water was flowing.

Sage advice: don’t you think.

So here is the thing social media usage globally has increased exponentially over the past three months.

Let’s look at the most relevant channels for the recruitment sector.

In the UK Telegraph at the start of May Mark Zuckerberg shared that Facebook’s services are now being used by more than 3bn people across the world, and with the global population at about 7.8 billion; that is one huge opportunity.

LinkedIn also reported a daily increase of 2500% from members visiting the site.

YouTube hasn’t released any figures to date though it doesn’t take a genius to work out what might be happening on a website that last year was approaching a daily usage figure similar to Facebook.

Though you might think YouTube is just about the latest Taylor Swift or Slipknot video, it’s not; YouTube is becoming one of the biggest online learning platforms on the planet.

So what?

Well, let’s go back to your bucket and the process your clients and candidates go through before they ‘buy’ you and your service.

People Need to Know About You Before They Buy You

If you’ve read or listened to any of our posts or podcasts before you know that we talk consistently about the buyer’s cycle.

People rarely buy anything straight away, especially when it comes to a recruiting service or the opportunity to change their career; and this is only likely to increase in the current market we are all operating in.

So, your candidates and clients need to get to appreciate who you are and why you are the ideal recruiting partner for them this starts in the first instance when they become aware of you, and the easiest way to do this currently is through Social media.

In our content marketing report, we share the content marketing matrix and how this relates to nurturing leads. One of the first steps is that social media allows people to experience your brand and what you can offer currently.

Opportunity alert: Many recruitment companies are in hibernation mode we know that for a fact because we’re still carrying on our business development and its fascinating how many recruiters haven’t even diverted their office phone!

Crazy I know so there is a massive opportunity for those of you who are willing to act now.

Imagine being able to get your brand out in front of potential candidates and clients before anyone else and let me tell you there is a massive opportunity.

Jump onto LinkedIn and Facebook, and you’ll notice how little activity there is from recruiters, I know many are considering shutting up shop until later in the year what a weird idea so while they are doing that you can be creating your brand presence in front of the candidates and clients that you want.

Social media doesn’t need to be hard either, and in the next couple of blogs, I’m going to share more ideas about what you can do to elevate your brand and service on Social media.

First Steps

Before then go and carry out an audit.

  • Do you have every channel claimed in your brand name, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter?
  • How often are you posting your content a few times a day, week, or month?
  • Have you stopped posting because you have no jobs?
  • When did you last post a video you recorded?



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