3 Marketing Shifts Your Recruitment Company Needs to Know About

Hi, it’s Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and today I want to talk about the shifts that business owners realise that they need to make when it comes to marketing.

If you think about everything that’s been happening in recent months, there is absolutely no doubt that we are living in a digital world that has just accelerated beyond all our recognition.

And in order for a recruitment company to capitalise on those opportunities, there are a number of shifts to make when it comes to marketing.

The first one is…

Viewing Marketing as a Revenue Generator Rather than a Cost Generator

I was chatting with a colleague, Simon Lewis, recently about this particular topic of recruitment companies seeing marketing as a cost centre to a business rather than a revenue-generating centre.

It’s really easy as an MD, and I can understand it, that when you think about investing in bringing onboard a new consultant, perhaps set up a new desk or going into a new sub-vertical, that it’s easy to see that as a revenue-generating centre.

However, so is marketing. The purpose of marketing for your business is to create demand for your services.

Now, if marketing is creating demand for your services, that is generating revenue for you, because then your consultants come in and they convert that demand into revenue.

So if you are thinking that you still see marketing as a cost centre, then I challenge you. I challenge you to make that shift and to start seeing marketing as a revenue-generating centre for your business.

The second thing is to really embrace this digital and technological world that we’re living in.

Embracing Digital Marketing

There is absolutely no doubt that in recent months, digital, online communications, video, etc., it has just exploded.

Now, for recruitment companies, if you haven’t yet embraced digital and technology, specifically in the area of marketing, now is the time to do it because otherwise you will absolutely get left behind.

There are so many different ways that you can embrace digital marketing, that you can automate your marketing so that you’ve got marketing working for you 24/7, which I know I’ve talked about in previous videos.

It is absolutely imperative that you look at strategies where you can use digital and technology to generate clients and candidates, as well as, as you are rebuilding your business, talent that you need internally for the future as well.

And the third area where I think a major shift is required is many companies are looking at what sub-verticals can they add into their current portfolio.

Deeply Understanding Your Market  

Maybe if you’ve been working in markets that are quite risky and exposed, you’re thinking of going into new markets. Now, even if you’re staying in your existing markets, there is a real need to understand your customers at a whole new level. It’s not enough just to say, “Well, we want to work with people in SME organisations.”

It really is understanding so much more about the psychographics, the emotional drivers of the people that you want to work with as clients and as candidates, because the more you understand them, the more you can tailor the messaging that you use as you are communicating the services that you offer, the value that you bring.

Because it will allow you to develop lots of nurture campaigns because not everybody’s ready to buy from you straight away, so you do need to nurture those relationships. And you can create campaigns that really speak into the clients and the candidates that you want to work with in your business.

So, three shifts to make then; see marketing as a revenue-generating centre, embrace digital and technology, and seek to understand your customers.

If you have enjoyed this post and want to know more about the current issues affecting the recruitment sector, and how to finally market your recruitment company successfully, head to our blog. We’ve written hundreds of blog posts on all aspects of recruitment marketing in a way that’s easy for you to understand if you need to get started with your recruitment marketing and you are starting from the bottom.

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That’s Sharon from Superfast Recruitment, I’ll speak to you soon.

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