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Hi, its Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and todays subject is marketing automation.  

It seems like when Im talking to business owners in different parts of the world right now, that this is the topic that everybody wants to talk about. And theres lots of reasons why which Im going to share with you.  

And I want to also just make you aware of a couple of home truths that we just need to bear in mind.  


Why is Marketing Automation Everywhere Right Now? 

So why is marketing automation on everybodys mind right now? Well, of course, we are, many of us, quite time-poor, and so we want to make the most of all this amazing technology that is around.  

Now, the beauty of marketing automation is that you can systematise marketing campaigns and different strategies, whether youre talking about content and social media, email marketing, funnels, the idea that your marketing can be working 24/7 for you.  


The Real Benefits of Marketing Automation  

Imagine what would it be like if when all hands are on deck because things have just suddenly got really busy, youve had an influx of jobs, which is great news right now, isnt it? That rather than your marketing suddenly sort of deprioritised and coming to a bit of a stop, and then being quite intermittent, what would it be like if you knew that youmarketing, was just going on in the background. 

And sometimes, you might have a prospective client, and sometimes, you might have a prospective client, who, at 5:00, just as theyre about to start packing up for the day, that their top team member suddenly resigns.  

So they go home, and its 8:00, 9:00 at night, and theyre checking their emails, theyre having a look around perhaps on LinkedIn, and they come across a piece of your content, or they see an email thats landed in their inbox, and suddenly they start looking at your company, and they think, Right, I need to get onto these guys first in the morning.  

How good would it be if that you had marketing like that working for you 24/7? 


Warming Up Cold Calling  

Now, the other beauty, of course, of marketing is that, now like that person, perhaps who saw my email at 9:00 at night, that theyd be receiving your emails for quite a while because its on automation and because youve been nurturing them.  

Because the reality is that 93% of people, theyre not ready to start working with you and your business and your team right now. And you dont really know if theyre close or if theyre quite a distance away from making that decision.  

But of course, if youre nurturing people, youre running different kinds of nurturing email campaigns, and its working 24/7, at some point, when that person makes that decision that its time to get a new job, its time to bring somebody additional into the team, we need a different skill set, that actually they can make that decision, and they can work with you and your recruitment company. 

There are other benefits, of course. And I do want to share with you though, a few things that we just need to be aware of when all this great stuff is happening. 


Why it Pays to Play the Long Game When it Comes to Marketing  

And that is that I know you want quick results, dont we all as business owners? And marketing automation, it doesnt work overnight.  

Its not going to be the answer to all your prayers – it will take some time. Its going to take some investment to get things set up.  

However, when youve got them set up, youve got those systems and processes in place, they can keep working with you consistently, and they will deliver results.  

Now, of course, the other thing is that your team, yes, they will still have to make cold calls, but what if those cold calls actually were warm?  

Because of that automation, because of that nurturing, youre warming people up.  

Theyve heard about you and your brand, theyve heard about your services, so theyre more than willing to take a call when one of your team, or indeed you, pick up the phone and you make those calls.  

So yes, there are some things we need to be just honest and open about. And when you invest, you put the time into it, marketing automation really will have a great place in your business, and it will deliver for you.  

For more advice on automating your recruitment marketing, or if you need help with another area of marketing your recruitment company, head to our blog which you can find here. Alternatively, click here for our downloads page where you will find a range of free resources to get started with your recruitment marketing today.  

Thats Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. 

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