The Multiple Results Rachel Is Achieving As A Superfast Circle Member

Here is a Superfast Circle case study you’ll enjoy. Today, we want to share what really is possible for a solo recruiter in a challenging tech market who is willing to do the work.

Rachel Constant Taylor is the MD and owner of Constant Recruitment. She is a specialist Tech Recruiter with over 17 years of experience placing thousands of candidates in permanent roles.

Rachel joined Superfast Circle last year because she wanted access to content to improve her brand awareness.

Little did she realise all the other ways that being a member would improve her results. Our latest post includes her story, which you can read, watch, and listen to.

Where was the business when you started talking to Superfast; what were some of the challenges?

I had so many balls in the air and felt like I was constantly lurching from one thing to the next without a clear sense of direction, and I knew that I needed to change.

I previously traded under another recruitment company name and brand. I had been solo for just over 12 months when I first came across Sharon on a TEAM webinar.

I was certain I needed to grow the business from just me, and I knew marketing would be a big part of that.

I was used to having a team around me, so juggling all these multiple balls was exhausting.

The main challenge was time, and as much as I have always known how important marketing is, with so many to-dos on the list each day marketing would be pushed to the bottom which was an increasing worry for me.

What specific marketing problem were you looking to solve?

In a nutshell, it was access to content, direction, and guidance.

I was trying to write my own content, which was incredibly time-consuming, and also trying to think about what to write about next.

I tried a few options, such as outsourcing the blogs, but the quality was mediocre, didn’t sound like me, and even felt like clickbait with no real value to the article. Which was absolutely what I didn’t want to do.

So, when I had a free evening, I took the job back on myself, but what I produced was sporadic. I would go weeks, maybe months, without producing new content. I had no consistency, no sense of proper direction or a plan; I was just trying whatever sprung into my mind.

Also, as a solo recruiter at the time, I had no one to bounce ideas off. Being a Solo recruiter can be a very lonely place.

How did you find Superfast Recruitment?

I had seen them on LinkedIn, and then Sharon presented at a TEAM’S event, and I was hooked. I felt she was speaking directly to me.

We then had a more in-depth meeting, during which I was sure that this was what I needed and had been waiting for. However, being in recruitment, I was constantly being approached by “marketing” people trying to tell me they had the golden gun. I had previously heavily invested in some of these ideas only to be disappointed.

I was hesitant because I knew I didn’t have the depth of Marketing knowledge to really be able to tell the good from the bad.

What made you decide to join Superfast Circle?

I felt that Superfast Circle’s way of thinking and quality first aligned with my goals and what I was trying to achieve.

They had been around for over 15 years and really understood the recruitment industry and the challenge of marketing to two distinct groups of candidates and clients.

What have you achieved while being a member of Superfast Circle?

More time, a plan, consistency, new ideas, accountability, and encouragement.

I got immediate results within the first month of embarking on the reignite campaign, I was dubious but yes had an immediate win of a new vacancy.

I now have structure, so I mail to candidates and clients monthly, giving them valuable information, such as the latest blog.

One report on neurodiversity seemed to strike a chord with my clients within 10 minutes of mailing 3 clients had replied saying actually they were actually about to send me new roles.

Coincidence? I think not. These were my bread-and-butter roles – Support Engineers in the £30k – £35k bracket, and I immediately filled 2 of 3 roles.

I have had multiple comments now from clients and candidates complimenting me on the quality of the blogs and reports I produce and, how they really enjoy them, and how they make a change from “other recruiters” who only contact to spec a CV to them.

I had a contact, a HR Manager I used to recruit for when she worked at a past company, 10 years ago who contacted me out of the blue on LinkedIn to see if I would like to fill their CTO role. I said wow, I’m so touched you remember me. She laughed and said I couldn’t forget you, literally, as I saw all your posts on LinkedIn.

I have had advice on how to email campaigns and the campaigns themselves.

Advice on my new website (about to go live); really practical actionable advice.

The coaching calls are very useful. Even when you don’t think you have any questions, they are a hotbed of ideas.

On one call, I heard about Hinterview from another business owner. I decided to use it, and my clients are in raptures about it already!

Even last week, again another recruiter spoke about an offboarding service she offers which sparked my brain and this is something I have just started and hope to roll out soon.

How has working with Superfast Recruitment and our services helped you reach your goals–marketing, business growth, financial, and even personal goals?

It has been a tough year for recruitment, so my overall business growth was only 10%.

However, I would have looked at a loss and not growth this past year without the marketing.

I do think that marketing is a slow burner that builds. The market seems to have picked up, so I look forward to the coming year.

With a sensible marketing strategy, I am ready to grow. In the past couple of months, I have taken on a full-time 180 recruiter, have my daughter working for me part-time, and am looking to hire 2 more people within the next 6 months.

Now, I feel confident that we have the fundamentals in place to succeed and feel proud of representing Constant Recruitment.

Personal goals – wow! This was an unexpected bonus.

I have been very reluctant to do anything involving having my photo taken or video but with gentle encouragement and coaching from Denise and Sharon. I am now spending most of my day on video and sending it to clients!

This would not have happened a year ago; in fact, I would have only given it a 5% chance of happening. As part of my marketing plan moving forward, I intend to post video content to social media platforms at least once a week but hope to increase this to 3 times a week by the summer.

The live face-to-face event in November was a game-changer for me. Having just had a setback with a long-term client going bust I was feeling very low, in fact, I nearly didn’t go.

Apart from the marketing lessons. Sharon did a piece on mindset; maybe she could read my mind, but it was just what I needed to hear, and it really gave me my spark back.

I came back and felt excited again about my business instead of seeing the problems and fears, I saw the opportunities and things really started to pick up! It really was quite remarkable.

Time blocking my day, so the day doesn’t run away with itself, and I get on with some of the tasks that are important but maybe not my favourite – (I was making excuses to myself before and just not doing them)

What has exceeded your expectations while working with us?

The advice, which is so comprehensive, from helping me write a PowerPoint presentation in record speed to new service offering marketing material, it really is like having two Marketing Directors on call 24/7.

What is it like to work with Denise and Sharon?

Fantastic, warm, welcoming, practical, helpful, enthusiastic, and nurturing.

How is the company aligned with the values that drive your business?

I have an emphasis on quality recruitment with a focus on the SME market which is my happy place and I feel I can add value. Denise and Sharon are very focussed on quality, and their happy place is also with the micro and small SME businesses where they feel they can offer the most value.

What’s the main reason you would recommend Superfast Circle to other business owners/marketers?

This isn’t just about getting content delivered each month that you can use but is more like having the luxury of having marketing directors working within your company. Who know and understand the recruitment and search sector!  Which for Micro Recruitment businesses like mine would simply be unaffordable.

What would you tell someone who is considering joining Superfast Circle?

You will get invaluable support from Sharon and Denise and inclusion in a very supportive community where you can speak with other recruiters who all genuinely want to help each other.

There are so many resources you can tap into and use that I have barely scratched the surface.

It is not just for one person; your team can get involved if they want to.

Ideal if you are looking to grow and get organised whilst being in a safe pair of hands.

Joining Superfast Circle has been a transformative experience for my business, Constant Recruitment, and me personally.

The support and resources available are amazing, providing not just content, but marketing direction whilst understanding the unique challenges of the recruitment industry.

Being included in a supportive community of like-minded recruiters has been a game-changer. Here, everyone is eager to share insights and genuinely help each other succeed. If you are looking to grow, get organised, and be steered through the complexities of marketing in the recruitment sector, then this is a no-brainer.

More than just a service to me; I feel it is a partnership delivering growth, creativity, and confidence in my marketing strategy.

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