5 Reasons You Need A Content Strategy To Market Your Recruitment Company This Year

Are you considering a content strategy to market your recruitment company this year; then read on? We’ve come a long way from the early days of content marketing and blogging when posts were a couple of paragraphs at best and adding little value at all.

Any recruitment company with real ambition will have realised by now the power of writing content and how a great company blog, as an extension of your website, is a way to boost your recruiting reputation, increase site traffic and set you apart from your competitors.

Each blog posted on your company website can change your existing (and potential) customer’s opinion of your brand – for better or worse.

Making them all about your team night out or what is going on in your organisation will lose you readers and eventually a dominant brand position in the market.

This is why it’s critical to use your blog as a communication channel where you position the value you can add to both candidates and clients.

Here are the five strategies you should consider before you write or outsource each blog post to ensure you are positioning your company as a voice of authority in your sector, and one which your clients and candidates will come back to time and again.

1. Enhancing Your Current Brand

Your content should always be aimed at positioning you as a standout market leader.

Blogs with a story can allow the reader, whether that is a client or candidate to connect with your company, but make sure your own stories, insights, and advice are kept on a lighter note and always with the reader in mind. What will the reader get from reading this blog? You need to provide them with value for them to experience you as a valuable resource and to take the time to come back to read your next posts.

Blog positive – it is never advisable to create ‘relatable’ content about issues in your business, be it the verge of a merger, takeover due to monetary issues or trying to report on a particularly challenging year with a ‘looking to the future’ spin.

Use your blog to position your company as the company you want to be. Write about who your company is, what you stand for and always reiterate how you are available to help the reader – be they, client or candidate.

2. Increase Your Authority

With 40,000 recruitment companies in the UK (and this number rising), you want your clients and candidates to understand that you can offer them something that working with a different company won’t provide them.

Use your content to position yourself as an expert in your recruiting field, be it healthcare, manufacturing, finance, or even temporary workers.

No-one will know your sector as well as you and your consultants. What are the main issues that crop up in your office that people have always got something to say about? Are there new trends that candidates are veering towards? Is there a sector you specialise in that is currently having a boom or a shortage? Use your front-line knowledge to write about the recruitment issues you see happening every day.

3. Increase Your Recruitment Website Traffic

Clients we work with often tell us how, after even a short amount of time leveraging content, they are genuinely shocked at how much an increase in site traffic creates engagement, and ultimately, leads. A recent client of ours reported an increase of 200% site traffic in less than three months after they began a blogging strategy.

The way we browse the internet has changed; in 2019, more people used mobile devices to access websites than from desktops. We are all browsing for relatable content all of the time – on our commute, on our lunch break, in the dentist’s waiting room.

But surprisingly many recruitment companies have shocking websites- is your recruitment company one of them?

Networking, referral and hammering the phones still work, to a degree, though it’s no longer a sustainable path to long term growth.

Remember too the multigenerational workforce. Millennials look online before they engage with any brand – they are looking for appealing, value-adding content they can relate to, but more importantly, that they can access on their phone too.

4. Share Your Content Everywhere

As I’ve just mentioned, to futureproof your business, you want to make it millennial-friendly. But let’s not be ageist here – people of all ages love sharing experiences and advice online; this is why review culture is such a big part of our lives.

How often do you purchase something online these days without reading the reviews first?

Using social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn to share your blog posts invites your audience to engage with you. Companies who have an active social media presence are found to be ‘more human’ and get higher engagement by posting organic content than those without.

5. Candidate and Client Lead Generation

Content creates leads. Period.

Hubspot the well known global marketing software provider recently shared data that companies that consistently share content have 65% more leads. By sharing content, you elevate the position of your brand. Then as you call potential new clients that historical cold call suddenly becomes warm because your content has been profiling you as the expert

To start a conversation and ultimately, a relationship with new leads, you need to provide them with value ahead of working with you. We shared how value-based marketing works in a recent post here.

Here you can use written content like this post here or a podcast or video or a free report. Our Superfast Circle clients get a report created for them every month, which they then use to brand their company as they generate more leads. 


Do you need help with your content strategy? Was your last blog a Christmas-themed update from 2018? You have been meaning to get round to producing more posts but in between client calls and candidate interviews you just never have the time?

We help recruitment companies just like you to create and leverage content to become leaders in their sector. You can access our case studies and testimonials here. Talk to us today to discover how we can help your business, too.




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