How Value-Based Marketing Can Help Your Recruitment Business Grow

Value-based marketing and the recruitment industry? Let me explain the connection for you. We don’t need to tell you that the recruitment industry is exploding. If you were in business in 2016, you would have seen the number of companies go from (an already high) 29,000 to 40,000 in 2019.

That’s an extra 11,000 in just three years – squeezing the number of candidates to a minute amount for each company (there is a recruitment company for every 1,600 people in the UK – including children!).

A question for you?

So, how is your recruitment company changing and evolving the way it operates to take into account the increased competition? If your marketing strategy looks much the same as it did three years ago, now might be the time for you to take some serious action.

I’m sure you understand the frustrations of not being able to capture consistent leads, so how can you change this…… drum roll …with a marketing strategy that is consistently implemented.

Why You Need to Market Your Recruitment Business

The truth is that in the current climate recruitment businesses who fail to plan ahead are the ones who are consistently struggling.

There really is no place for saying ‘but this is how we’ve always done it!’ – competition is at an all-time high.

Over the last 15 years that we have been working with recruiters, and we have witnessed the enormous successes our clients are experiencing.

Marketing, like recruitment, has evolved; certainly, over the years, we have been in business.

And being on the front line, we see what works and what doesn’t as it’s happening.

So, what is working for our clients (and can work for you too)?

Value-based marketing.

What Is Value Based Marketing?

So how does value-based marketing work and differ from traditional marketing?

It’s an alternative approach.

In today’s marketplace, we all have more choices, and our decision of who to work with will come down to who can add the most value.

A mentor of mine has the philosophy that marketing starts by demonstrating that you can help people by actually helping them!

This is where your blogs, podcasts, email campaigns, marketing funnels, videos, and social media come in. They demonstrate you know your ‘stuff’, and potential clients and candidates get an experience’ at some level of what it might be like to work with you.

This is critical for both candidate and client lead generation too.

Value-driven marketing, unlike traditional product marketing, has one fundamental goal: to create deep, meaningful VALUE in your clients and candidate’s business or career.

Use this approach, and you will become a magnet for new clients and candidates, and in the process, you can create real customer loyalty.

It’s a Mindset Shift

Value-driven marketing requires a deep desire to serve, a deep love of your customers.

Let’s be honest selling is all about serving.

It requires a daily commitment to providing “more ways to add value to your clients’ lives/businesses.”

A question then? How are you adding value to your clients and candidates daily?

Here is the thing you have to remember that value is in the eye of the beholder.

The value you provide has to be relevant to the candidate and client. This is why Sharon and I talk all the time about understanding your ideal client or candidate Avatar or business persona.

Creating value means that you know your prospects and clients inside and out. You must understand their emotional “hot buttons,” their motivations, their preferences, their decision criteria, etc.

Without this level of understanding, your marketing efforts aren’t going to make an impact.

What additional information do you need to create compelling value for your customer?

Value at Every Part of The Process

Marketing is about creating AND sustaining demand. This is something many recruitment companies forget about. You need to create value both before and after purchase. This way, clients stay with you and give you more and more placements and refer you to their business owner friends, and precisely the same happens for candidates too.

Remember, marketing is not an event; it’s a continual process.

From lead generation to post-placement follow-up, there are hundreds of opportunities to add value. E.g., to generate more leads, you may offer a free report of value to clients or candidates.

In our Superfast circle programme, we even provide these as part of the membership. The members use them to support candidates and clients throughout the process too.

What simple ways can you add value to generate more leads, convert more prospects and create higher customer loyalty?


If you like the sound of value-based marketing and think that it’s just what your recruitment company needs, but are wondering how you’re going to fit developing and delivering a marketing strategy onto your already overflowing ‘to-do’ list, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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