Why Every Recruitment Company Needs a Marketing Funnel

Hi, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment, and todays video is about funnels.  

Now, a question: Do you want a small funnel or would you like a large funnel that feeds the small funnel?  

Now, many businesses rely on specific strategies to generate their leads.  

It could be chasing jobs on job boards. It could be picking up the phone using cold calling, and yes, thats controversial, people have different views about picking up the phone, and using it for BD. You might be having the team use LinkedIn as a BD, too. 


Why One-to-One Connections are Limiting  

Now, the thing about all those examples is that they are very much focused on one-to-one. Now, if you are looking to really scale your lead generation, you want to be using a bigger funnel, where you are looking at one-to-many strategies.  

And thats where marketing funnels are key.  

Now, the reality is that marketing funnels are a huge benefit to your recruitment company because if we want to do business with somebody thats never heard of us, we have to nurture that relationship. 

And thats not going to happen overnight in one or two calls or a couple of emails or a LinkedIn connection and message.  


The Importance of Multiple Touchpoints  

The data says that it could be anything from seven to 31 – I did say 31 – touchpoints to nurture that relationship and take someone through that buying cycle.  

I did record a video recently on the buying cycle, so check it out if you havent listened to that one.  

But the buying cycle will take someone on a journey from being unaware of your business to becoming aware, to considering working with you, to make a decision to actually engage with you and have you as their recruiting partner. 


The Benefits of Automated Marketing Funnels 

Now, the beauty of an automated marketing funnel is that you can take a lot of content, that email content, load that content up into a sequence so that it nurtures people. 

So whether they eventually get to that decision point at touchpoint 12 or 14, it could be 28, that you have got an automated sequence of emails that you are nurturing people through this funnel. 

Now, as theyre getting closer to making a decision, theyre going to drop into the lower part of the funnel where theyre ready for a phone call, and theyre ready to have a conversation that is more one-to-one.  

But of course, to start with, we need to get as many people going into this funnel as possible so that weve got enough people, which is 93% of people who are not ready to buy.  

So, 93% of people are going to need to go through a marketing funnel.  

And of course, what you can do is, while youve got your automated email sequence, you can be making sure that somewhere in that sequence, you are having your team pick up the phone, you are adding in some touchpoints on LinkedIn as well.  


Final Thoughts  

So if you are looking to generate new business, as well as nurture existing clients, think about not relying, and I urge you not to rely on one-to-one strategies. But adding to the marketing mix one-to-many strategies and start building your marketing funnels.  

For more information about the effectiveness of marketing funnels in the recruitment sector, click here. Our blog is full of more information and tips on how to market your recruitment business; click here to read it 

That is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. 

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