Marketing Funnels

A marketing funnel is what takes a potential client or candidate through the whole journey of discovering your recruitment and staffing business, to deciding to choose you as their recruiting partner of choice. 

The goal is to create an automated system that leads people through the buyer’s cycle, so they get to know, like and trust you and eventually work with you. 

Guess what? It works.  

The thing is, recruitment has changed. The online world has made sure of that. Expecting ‘just’ the phone and a few emails to cut it these days is crazy. 

Choice is everywhere and it is highly unlikely that somebody comes across your name, researches everything that your recruitment company has to offer and then immediately decides to work with you. 

That hardly ever happens. 

For clients or candidates to work with you, they first need to be convinced that they are making a good investment. They need to trust you. They need to feel like you know your craft.  

In short, they need to ‘get to know you’ through a process. They need to have different touch points with you over time. They need to see consistent value from you in every connection. 

And that’s what a marketing funnel does. 

We can create your marketing funnel for you and even tell you at what point you need to pick up the phone. 

We have been helping our clients with their candidate and client funnels for years. Would you like our help too? 

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