The Critical Rule Successful Recruitment Companies Follow When It Comes To Marketing Their Company

Episode #182 The Critical Rule Successful Companies Follow When It Comes To Marketing Their Recruitment Company


The world of promoting your recruiting business has changed beyond recognition when it comes to what it was like only a few short years ago.

This is a positive thing . 

The World Wide Web and digital marketing mean that any recruitment or staffing company can compete.

However there is one strategy that makes everything so much easier and that is leverage and it’s the topic for today’s podcast and post.

We will share what to consider, and where to start.

What you will discover
  • Why less rarely equals more no matter what some people say
  • How SEO works to your advantage in recruiting
  • Why you need to consider candidates AND clients in your marketing planning
  • The resure, recyle and repost strategies our clients are using to dominate their sectors
Resources from the episode

Google Console : Access

Marketing training and Report Templates: Superfast Circle Membership

The world of promoting your recruiting business has changed dramatically over the last few years, and I’d say beyond recognition when it comes to what it was like 12 years ago when we wrote our very first pieces of content for agencies and delivered our first training.



The thing is:


More and more organisations are realising the value that an experienced recruitment company can bring to securing the best talent to take their business forward.


And candidates are engaging with the recruiter who can offer them an advantage in their job search – for example, providing ‘insider’ information about jobs that are not yet on the open market, specialist contacts and knowledge for their sector too.


As a recruiter, you are up against some pretty stiff competition – you want to get the message out there that you are the best company to work with yet there are another 40,000 plus recruitment companies clamouring for your business.


It’s time to break through the noise of competitors 

So, you’ve got a great piece of well-written, and thoughtful content about your service and you want to use it for promotion.


Where once (and not that long ago) you could build a brand using one platform, such as your recruitment company website, the world has changed

There are so many competitors in the marketplace vying to dominate the sector you are operating in; there just isn’t enough conversion from using one distribution channel only.


However, don’t panic. There’s only one rule you need to follow for successful marketing – and that’s the rule of selling and promoting everything you do.


Which in the current marketing space is easier than ever?


There is a lot of data which suggests that a potential customer, in the case of recruitment candidates or clients can engage with you up to 7 times before buying into your service.


In fact, I was listening to a webinar from Hubspot recently which suggests this is even higher when it comes to someone who is totally starting from cold with you.


So, when you create that amazing piece of content to market your service, don’t just use it once – sell, sell and sell again on different channels to maximise visibility and get more ‘juice’ out of it.  

Make the most of social channels 

You can maximise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and increase traffic to your website by using keywords carefully in your content.


We live in the knowledge world, which is fuelled by Google too. So, we expect to be able to Google anything and get an answer, so use this to your advantage. The more content you have on your website with logical recruitment specific words, the better.


It’s rarely a quick win yet watch what happens over the months and years.


There are lots of software options out there you can use to help you with this. From the simple (and free) Google Search Console to the more advanced, but pretty cool, SEMrush, which offers a free seven-day trial.


Keep your content ‘evergreen’ wherever possible – try to avoid references to specific occasions (such as a recent world event) unless your content is specifically about that issue. That way, you can re-use it in the future.


Ideally, you should be doing full re-use of content regularly during the year.  That means on your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can obviously tweak it to suit, but it’s basically a ‘rinse and repeat’ format.


Make it personal 

Remember, the recruitment market is unique. You’re engaging with two sets of customers – clients and candidates – so make sure you address both of them in your marketing.


There will always be a need for new business; clients will inevitably come and go so you will always be looking for new opportunities that lead to conversion.


Similarly, there will always be a new wave of candidates looking for your help to secure a great job offer.


Rinse and Repeat 

How are you planning to use your content to get the most out of it? (after all, you took time out to write it or paid someone like Superfast to create it, so you want a return)


Let’s take an example. You’re a recruitment company wanting to engage with potential candidates. You want to push the advantages of working with you to secure top job opportunities. So, you write a blog article for your website. It’s a great blog…lots of detail about your services; lots of pros to working with you.

However, who’s going to see it unless they already visit your website?


Alternatively, say, you’ve written a great piece about your recruitment services for clients on LinkedIn, but you fail to repost it after the first time.


How many potential views do you think you’ll lose posting just once?  

Reuse and recycle 

Remember – potential customers view your content multiple times before buying into a product or service.


In fact, it’s common for people to ‘binge’ on your content too… so make sure you have plenty of ‘things’ for them to access.


Repurpose your content. Link it to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other platform you use.


When it comes to posting we are often asked how often? The thing is to remember to add value when your post-mix it up and vary your times.


We recommend a minimum of twice a day in fact on our Superfast Circle call this week we had a long debate about this exact topic.


I’ve never known anyone achieve more by doing less when it comes to social media.


A good tip is to vary the links to your content by changing the titles each time. This gives a bit of variation and different hooks will attract different people to click through.


Then take your blog and put it into text form and repost on Facebook the following week.


See how we’re now reusing that same bit of content to get the value out of it?


Use the blog to record a podcast and put that up on social media.


We’re not finished yet!


Cut the blog into chunks and quotes and put these on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc, linking back to your website. 

Taking it further… 

If you can, take some of your best quotes and turn them into images to upload to social media. Alternatively, find a designer who will. Everyone likes an image-based quote.


You can also take the blog content and make a video of you talking about basically what you’ve written.


While you’re busy posting your content online, don’t forget the value of Emails – taking just a small bit of your blog to tantalize, send emails to clients and candidates with a link to the full piece on your website. Make sure you spike interest by not giving too much away and encouraging people to want to find out more.


We have talked about lead magnets and ethical bribes, and reports. People crave knowledge so give it to them in return for an email address or if they are already on your database as a nurturing tactic too.


This is a massive attraction for our clients in joining Superfast Circle because we provide a report for them every month as part of their membership, which they can use as part of their marketing collateral. 

Keep it fresh 

Remember – update your content regularly. It would help if you kept it fresh and relevant. If you stop writing content, eventually the viewings will dry up, and you will lose your ranking online.


If you would like help creating content to promote your recruitment company get in contact here.



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