Recruitment Marketing Popular Content from 2021

Recruitment marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. Digital automation, new tech stacks, and the pandemic have meant more staffing companies than ever are looking at marketing to create their presence in the market.

So, what are your competitors searching for when it comes to marketing ideas and strategies to attract candidates and clients?

As a respected recruitment marketing training provider in the sector, our content has thousands of readers and downloads each month.

Below you will find all our most read and listened to posts below.


How to Use Direct Mail

10 Lead Generation Strategies for recruiters

Why Case Studies Work to Attract Candidates and Clients

How to Revamp Your Value Proposition

Why Investing in Marketing is More Important Than Staff

Social Media Strategies for Staffing Companies

Client Winning Proposals

Marketing Collateral for Recruiters

Why You Need a Marketing Funnel

Using Sales Convincers to Attract Candidates and Clients


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