Why Recruitment Companies Need a Marketing Funnel

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The business world has changed exponentially over the past few years. Competition abounds in every sector.

Back in the day he or she with the biggest budget landed the leads; now it’s different. The world wide web means that even the smallest independent recruiter can set up ‘shop’ with a website and some social channels and ‘compete’ at some level with the bigger recruitment agencies provided they have a plan and a funnel………….

Truth: The advent of the marketing funnel means that anyone can NOW orchestrate their own success.

How Do You Get People To ‘Buy’ In Today’s Market Place?

Fact: People buy when they are ready not when you want to sell to them. We have covered the buyers cycle in depth here.

Top line, only around 3-5% of the ‘prospects’, be that candidates or clients that you are targeting are ready to buy now. The other 90% plus are going through a cycle of awareness and evaluation before they purchase; we all do it…. it is normal and natural.

That being the case how do you attract candidates and clients in the first place and keep close to them so that when they are finally ready to use you to fill their roles or get them a role in ABC Engineering they have always wanted? ………………….

You use a marketing funnel.

What Is Your Marketing Funnel About?

Basically, your marketing funnel is made up of several stages through which would-be clients, candidates or future talent move from first awareness of your brand to placement or the happy state of joining your team. It’s the process of converting a visitor or browser into someone that is financially invested with you.

Lead Nurturing Is the Game?

Today choice abounds in every market and recruiting is no different. As consumers of products and services, we have a huge choice. Only last week I was writing content for a new client about the value of using a specialist recruiter for a niche vertical he has. At the end of the post is an opportunity to download a report.

Imagine being a client who reads that article and then downloads the report. The client will then be nurtured through marketing automation and will get to know, like and trust our client. Now when our clients consultant picks up the phone the ‘lead’, he is calling is now warm and not cold….. the power of a marketing funnel.

What Does My Marketing Funnel Need?

A few core elements backed up by a consistent approach. Adding value is key if you want to build a relationship.

Offer something of value in return for an email address, it’s called reciprocity, and you can find out more about it here.

Then create a plan for how you will consistently keep in touch with individuals who have taken you up on your offer of something valuable. You will need several contact points too that help people through the buyer’s cycle. They could be blog content, a phone call, a checklist.

Ready to get going? If you would like help creating your marketing funnel, we can help. Get in contact here and put ‘funnel help’ in the title.

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