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Why Use Content Marketing To Generate Leads?

Definition: From the Content Marketing Institute: Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. Content that is related to the problems your target audience experience will be read, bringing new and returning visitors to your website.

When you create content that adds value to your audience, you and your recruitment company begin to stand out to your ideal clients and candidates. Over time they will keep returning to your website and will want to contact you or take your call; marketers call this inbound lead generation. When you create content that answers the problems and challenges of your ideal audience, you not only stand out from the crowd in your market, but your ideal clients and candidates will see your company as the “go to source” for answering their questions. This helps candidates and clients to decide to ‘buy’ from you.

Content that nurtures your prospective clients and candidates from awareness to making the decision to buy, will support your recruitment consultants in the sales and conversion process.

At times, there can be a long buying cycle in recruitment. Consistent content marketing allows prospects to be nurtured towards a buying decision.

Your ideal clients and candidates have problems and challenges that they are turning over in their heads. When your content has words and phrases that relate directly to these problems you are a problem solver; people pay to have their problems solved.

Your content can explain how your recruitment service works, which allows you to create interest in your organisation and reach a far wider ideal targeted audience than you and your team physically can.

When you actively distribute the content that you create, you generate more opportunity for your ideal audience to be directed to your website, increasing your website traffic, interest and conversions.

You can easily share content across a wider audience extending your reach further by repurposing your content and sharing it across your team’s many social channels.


Emails and ROI

Emails provide the biggest ROI of any current marketing strategy. Sharing your content using email marketing will extend the reach of your content and generate consistent cost effective inbound leads for your team to convert.


Why Use Superfast Recruitment For Your Content Marketing?

Content created by Superfast Recruitment is written by our writers who have over 10 years’ experience writing in the recruitment sector. This means you save hours of time not having to brief a writer or agency on how the recruitment industry works and the kind of content your market will read.

We create high-quality content that has cross-links back to additional relevant information on your website which keeps visitors on your website for longer. Every blog post written by SFR includes a call to action which leads to engagement and inbound leads for your team and business.

All SFR content is SEO optimised and adheres to Google content guidelines which mean your blog posts will be found when candidates and clients search for specific words and phrases related to their problems and challenges. When blog posts include images, ……SFR provide high-quality licenced images for each post ensuring your posts stand out at every level. We create your own branded images and distribute them on social media, raising the visual awareness of your brand.

At SFR we add all your blog posts and social shares for you giving you peace of mind that all your content and social media is in one safe pair of hands and you have extra time to work with your team and on your business.

For every blog post our team writes, we write an email to accompany each post. This allows you to communicate to your database when a new post has been added, which widens the reach of your content, plus importantly drives visitors back to your website to read the full post.

We create a minimum of 60 social shares per month created by a copywriter meaning every day you have a minimum of 2 shares distributing your content and creating awareness for your recruitment company brand and delivering inbound leads.

We have our own sharing process developed over the last 10 years which means we know the type of content your market will engage with. Therefore you have content that is being liked and shared, delivering increased brand awareness and visitors to your website. We upload your social shares to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter saving you valuable time.

Our content packages come with bonus training videos to help you maximise the impact of the content we create for you.


We Understand Your Challenges


We understand, knowing what will work in recruitment when it comes to content marketing is a challenge. This is where we come in.

We can write your compelling blog posts, emails, create your branded images and get your social media rocking.

If you want to know more then book a quick no obligation call with me here.