Marketing For Recruitment Companies – Long Versus Short Play?

Marketing for recruitment companies on the surface can appear complex. In reality, all you need to do is approach your target market with relevant offers consistently using a range of different strategies.

I know there is a touch more to it than that, but you get the picture.

Earlier this week in our Facebook group, I posted an update from a friend of mine, which was a great reminder about the areas of focus needed as we approach the second half of this crazy year we are experiencing.

The post was about a Samurai warrior called Miyamoto Musashi.

A different example from me I know, but appropriate all the same!

Miyamoto had 60 battles to the death (ouch!) with people with swords, and off the back of this, he started a school for his teachings.

He was also a modern-day philosopher and wrote a book called The Book of Five Rings; it is still available on Amazon.

In this book, he shares his way that was centred around “the way of the two swords”.

He would always fight with both a long sword and a short sword at the same time to achieve the result he wanted – I’m suspecting that was to live for another day!

I won’t get into explaining sword fighting here as my knowledge is particularly limited, but this is a great metaphor.

Let’s relate it to making more revenue in your recruitment business and the need to play both the short AND long game.

You have to play the short game…. make offers consistently, promote your service and back this up with the long game too, adding value and building over time, so people get to know, like and trust you.

Some people are ready to buy now, and some aren’t.

Long Term Versus Short Term Marketing and Sales Goals

Read any business book from Amazon, and a consistent theme is that there is no such thing as an overnight success.

It’s about using multiple strategies consistently to build traction.

Just because we are halfway through one of the strangest years ever it doesn’t mean you need to stop focusing on the long game at all; instead, it’s a reminder that Miyamoto’s rules should always be put into play and that means think both short and long term – ALL of the time!

We run a successful podcast, and over the years, we have had thousands of downloads from across the world.

It is a long-term commitment I decided on over five years ago.

Though I doubt anyone buys a content service or joins Superfast Circle after listening to our podcast once, it is amazing how many people who do eventually start working with us first found us through our podcast.

The Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast is a fabulous branding tool, a way to build a legacy and something that’s been adding value across the recruitment space for years.

Recently we set up a new Facebook Recruitment Marketing Mastery group in a similar way to the podcast; this is a long term lead generator for us.

It allows us to get closer to our market, and because people have experienced us in a slightly different way will lead to more sales.

It has already, and the group has only been up and running for less than a few months.

How to Make Inbound Marketing Work in The Recruitment Sector?

Inbound marketing and the more automated the better, is, of course, considered the Holy Grail of marketing and what every company wants. However, let’s be clear, it rarely works overnight – even though other people in our space might give you the impression it will!

It is a longer-term strategy and vital to nurture leads through your candidate and client funnel.

But what about all these people that you’re nurturing, surely you can make offers to them should you pick up the phone and speak to them?


………and it’s such a shame that so many people don’t do this as part of their marketing strategy.

So, while we are massive advocates of using inbound marketing, podcasting and Facebook Groups, we are also big protagonists of picking up the phone and speaking to people and making lots of offers.

If you’re on our email list, perhaps you downloaded a report – you will have experienced a call to action in the form of an offer from us on more than one occasion.

The reason is we want to keep close to you, so we are in the right place when you are ready to buy.

This is where the magic happens when you utilise both short and long-term strategies.

The great thing about using long-term and short-term marketing strategies and activities is they feed off one another.

If somebody is being nurtured consistently by you – they’re reading your content, they’re experiencing you as an expert, all of which can be automated – they’re much warmer to your message and your offer when you eventually pick up the phone and speak to them. 


Now you’ve read this post or listened to the podcast, it’s time to take action. Take an A4 sheet and start a mind-map – write down everything you can think of that’s working for you right now, and here are some questions to help:

  • What is working to generate leads or conversations now?
  • What has worked in the past or has slipped off the radar?
  • What is your recruitment company recognised for? Think long term here.
  • What long-term strategies are you using currently?
  • How can these support your short-term activities?
  • How often do you contact your current candidate or client list?


This will provide you with several answers; some of which might not be comfortable. Remember information like this is so valuable when you move forward.

Then start taking action.



P.S. Would you like help to map out a short and long-term strategy for your recruitment marketing? Then get in touch. Book a call here or call +44 (0)1524 784331


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