Your Bounce Back Marketing Campaign Part 3-Do The Work

Here is a full transcription of part three of our podcast series dedicated to developing your bounce back marketing campaign. Excuse any rogue typing errors. A.I. is fantastic though occasionally even he makes the odd mistake.

Hi there everyone. This is Denise from the Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast. We’re on Episode 234, and this is our new mini-series on your Bounce Back Marketing campaigns as we catapult ourselves, well, ish, out of COVID.

I decided to do these podcasts and videos just a few days ago. We’ve got a new Facebook group purely focused on mastering your marketing. If you haven’t joined them, please do. We’d love to have you over there. Head over to Facebook and in the search bar look for Recruitment Marketing Mastery.

Anyhow, let me get back to a couple of messages that I’ve had because, over the last couple of days, we’ve been sharing some different ideas and strategies for people to use. I’ve had a couple of D.M. messages to me saying, “I’m shattered. I can’t possibly write. I just haven’t got the time to do that.”

The hard truth is you have to do the work.. Because if you don’t..”Do you know what? You probably don’t want to have a business then because if you want your business to survive, get through this, then sometimes you have to do what you have to do.” I’ve quoted him before, and I’ll quote him again, good old Billy Ocean. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

This is a case of really just deciding, “Right, this is what we need to do. This is what we’re committing to., let’s do it.”

Now, I’ve suggested in the previous podcast, in the last video that you need to be thinking about what is it that your market wants and creating content around that.

Time Is A Mental Construct!

Now, we’re all short of time, and it leads me to share that time is a mental construct, and that this is about challenging yourself because the more challenges you have, the more you grow, the better you become.

With that in mind, I’d like to remind you about Parkinson’s law

The lovely Cyril Northcote Parkinson is famous for an article he wrote for The Economist probably about 65 years ago, approaching 70 years ago.

What he talks about is work expands to fill the time that we have. It’s always the same, isn’t it? You’re going on holiday, and miraculously you can get so many things done in such a short space of time. How about mapping that over and doing that now?

Because it may be for some of you that you have people on furlough in your company which means you will have to handle implementation yourself.

Let me give you some ideas. You know what people are looking for because you’ve spoken to your candidates and your clients. Now, it’s a case of let’s just create some content.

Let’s just be realistic here,

  • and let’s just start with three pieces of content for your candidates that are relevant,
  • three pieces of content for your clients.

Now, you may already have something on your website.

I am sure if you are listening to this, you’ll have written something about developing a career that you could tweak and change. I’m sure you’ll have written something about C.V.s. I’m sure you’ll have written something about engaging a team or building a high performing team, or onboarding, or all of those things that are still going to be essential and we look at it with a different lens now.

In the past, and I think I’ll drop a link to this in the transcription of this podcast, I shared one of our blog posts. You’ll probably find it online if you Google it, 10 Things That You Can Do with Your Blog Post.

Leverage To Increase Your Marketing Output

It could be that you write something or you record a video. Let me tell you the strategy that we’re using at the moment, and we’ve done this before.

I record a video; I upload it into our Facebook group. I then grab that video, and I take the video, and I drop it into a transcription service.

There are many online that you can use. We use rev.com, and we also use GoTranscribe, both good. You get good quality transcriptions back. Typically, if you press the Fast Service button, it doesn’t cost you much, and they’ll get it back to you in less than 24 hours.

There you have a transcription of a video that you’ve got, and you can start to use little clips of that, little snippets of it. Then, what you can do is you can strip out the audio. That’s what we’ve done here, and then it’s a podcast. That transcription that you have has a lot of gold in it because you can have it as a blog post, you can grab out chunks of it, you can share it on social media, you can share it on Instagram.

There are so many things that you can do. You could even put it in an email and send it to people. Let’s just say you’ve got a blog post; you could do half a dozen things with it that you could then actually get your content out in front of your market.

They want it at the moment, and they are looking for information from you because we always go to places and individuals we respect.

Have you ever noticed– The BBC website, it’s crashed I think a couple of times recently because for those of you who aren’t in the U.K., the BBC website is probably the most popular website of all because people see it as a respected source and people go to the BBC.

If you get on well with your clients and your candidates and you want to support them, then people will be looking, if they know you. They see that you’ve shared something online and it’s relevant because trust me, people are not doing an awful lot at the moment when it comes to marketing when they really could be.

Get your content out in front of them. Be visible. If you’re used to only sharing roles or jobs, then this might be a bit of a shock for you.

How about sharing some value ad for the next few weeks and you share it more than once a day, you share it two or three times a day, and watch what happens because I have never known of an organization that does less and survives anything.

Double Down and Do More

It’s always those that double down, that go the extra mile, that do additional things.

In this period, we’ve updated completely one of our products because we knew that people would have a little bit more time, they could be working through it.

We’ve also run an online training seminar for our clients. It should have been a physical event, but we delivered it online.

We managed to bring in a speaker. We’ve done all of these different things. This is our second series of podcasts, and we’ve launched the Facebook group.

Am I knackered? Yes, I am, but you know what? It’s times like this, you just have to put your foot down, and you just have to move forward, and just keep going because I know that there’ll be time for rest, at another point in time, won’t there?

As a friend of mine says, “You were made for times like this.” I’m suspecting, so are you.

That’s today’s podcast. I’ll get off my soapbox now. You have to do the work. There’s a great book, on Amazon by Steven Pressfield called Do the Work, fabulous book because he was an author and he just had to keep going set back after setback until he broke through.

Check out Parkinson’s law because it’s incredibly enlightening.

Message for today; do the work.



P.S. If you haven’t joined our Facebook marketing group you can join here.

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