Your Bounce Back Marketing Campaign Part 2-Feed The Starving Crowd

Here is a full transcription of part two of our podcast series dedicated to developing your bounce back marketing campaign. Excuse any rogue typing errors. A.I. is fantastic though occasionally even he makes the odd mistake.

Hi there, everyone. This is Denise and welcome to Your Bounce Back Marketing Campaign Part Two.

In a previous podcast, we talked about doing your state of the nation address. I know many of you have done that. If you haven’t done it, strongly suggest that you still do it, because you’re still going to get mileage out of it, mainly as we’re waiting for our prime minister to make his announcement about how we exit lockdown. If you want an example, take a look at Sharon’s version here and follow her structure.

Keep Talking To Your Tribe of Clients and Candidates

The second thing, we mentioned yesterday, was talking to your clients and your candidates about where they’re at now. What might’ve been going on for them four or five weeks ago, probably is going to be very different? The energy will have shifted.

They maybe have been thinking about different things, and so it’s much better to feed the starving crowd you now have-let me explain.

Feed The Starving Crowd

Let’s think about adding value in the way you communicate. From a copywriting perspective, there’s a legendary copywriter called Gary Halbert.

One of the things that he used to talk about is what you need to do to get traction in any market is to feed the starving crowd. With that in mind, the content, the information that you’ve been talking to people about in the past, even as soon as January is going to be very different.

Our clients and candidate needs have changed.

Now we need to think about, what do we talk about now?

It’s interesting because this morning, we had one of our Superfast Circle weekly calls with business owners and their marketers from all over the world.

One of the guys online were saying how one particular report– We provide monthly marketing collateral for members of our programme, wasn’t getting the same traction.

He wasn’t sure why? – I said to him, what about another piece of content that we created, a report, for them on remote working? How did that go? He said, “That one did amazingly well, but I’m just wondering, are people fed up with COVID and what’s going on?”

A valid question, and …

Let me assure you; they most definitely are not.

People at the moment are in that mode of hyper-consumption of content. We onboarded a new client yesterday. One of the things he was saying to Sharon is, “You know what? I can’t believe how many podcasts I’ve listened to. I’ve even gone to listen to a load of yours before again. I’m also attending webinars all the time. I’m consuming content all the time.”

People are Consuming More Information Than Ever-Make Sure It Is Yours

The search volume on LinkedIn and the number of people visiting LinkedIn has shot through the roof. Even Facebook has had a kick-up. All of these places, people are there waiting to hear from you. It is fascinating how quiet it is out there, how many people are not communicating.

Think about getting out in front of your market consistently.

Two areas I would say to jump on now if you haven’t already.

Video Marketing and The Written Word

Video is great if you’re okay on video. For some of you, you may not want to do that just yet, but at least get some form of content out. The easiest way to do that is the written word.

Use your blog, and also social media.

What you want to be doing is communicating out to people, answers to the questions going on in their head and also things that are going to relate to you and your market and the offers that you can make too.

This is for both candidates and clients.

At present, many organizations are confused about what to do. We’ve got the bounce-back loan. Do they use the bounce-back loan? Do they not use a bounce-back loan? You could write something about that. That is going to get some traction, and we could give people some ideas. They’re not expecting you to be a financial expert. However, sometimes a second opinion on something can help, and they will value your opinion.

The other things is thinking about their talent pipeline. The current situation won’t last forever.

However, as another one of our clients said just today, this is the new norm. How are they going to cope with the new norm, and how are they going to build their talent pipeline?

Which then leads onto onboarding, remote onboarding, interview skills, how to motivate their team, how to get their team effective and productive even if they’re working remotely.

Here you have now got probably ten ideas that you can share content around.

People will be looking for that content. The thing about it is, if they know you, they will be looking for content from you.

That gets more engagement. You can start to see you drive people to your website. You are there. As an American friend of mine says, “It’s about doubling down. It’s about doing more.” It’s the same with candidates as well because for many candidates, if they’re on furlough or if they’re in a different situation, they’re now working remotely, and they’ve got all sorts of things going on in their head. You’ll have had conversations with these guys too.

These things that are going on in their head, how can you answer that with the content? You need to be having fresh content on your blog around these topic areas, around, is it time to update your CV ready for when your lockdown ends, and you may decide to move? How do you plan for your career? Think about all those things. Some of our clients are running webinars; they’re running virtual sessions, they’re running coaching calls, all these sorts of things to get connected with their market.

They’re providing value, because the market is changing, and he who provides most value will win as we move forward.

It’s that connection thing that’s going on for people.

Be mega, mega present on social media. You want to be using LinkedIn and Facebook daily.

If you’ve got a company page, boost some of the content on your company page, start driving people to your website. Just wave that flag to say, “Hello, we’re here. We’re here to support you. This is the sort of things that we’re doing. We’re giving you useful content.” That is something that I would strongly recommend.

I shall get off my soapbox now. That is the lesson for today. Make sure you are out on social– I’m not talking about one post a day; I’m talking about a couple of posts a day. You could even push the button and do three or four because remember, some of you might have 12,000 followers and connections on LinkedIn, and your content will go in front of people at different times.

If you’re sharing at different times of the day, we see different content. Make sure that you’re sharing content at a time relevant to your market and when they’re going to be there too.

Quite a bit today to cover. No, COVID topics are not dead at all. They are still very much alive. More people on social media and online than ever, looking at information about their careers, business, building teams, so leverage that for you.

Get some fresh content on your blog. You can outsource some of that, or you can write it yourself—lots of things that you can do there. Share the hell out of it on LinkedIn and Facebook, and Twitter, dependent on your market too. Instagram, as well. There are all of these different areas, just be present, be out there because the opportunities will be there, and you need to be in front of people first.



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