Your Marketing Bounce Back Part 1-Getting Your Message Right

Welcome to episode 232 of the Recruitment Marketing and Sales Podcast. This is a direct transcription from a daily video series we are recording for members of our new Facebook Recruitment Marketing Mastery Group, and you can join too by clicking the link here.

Excuse any rogue typing errors A.I. is amazing though even he occasionally makes mistakes.

Transcription Starts

Hi there, everyone. This is Denise, and welcome to week seven of official lockdown. Yes, it was seven weeks ago that Boris told us all we have to stay at home. However, let’s get over that one and start to move forward.

Last week, I posted a video about where you might want to start with your marketing, and I did say that we would do more video to help.

With everything that’s happening at the moment, we’re expecting an announcement on Sunday from our prime minister about what’s going to happen in the next few weeks as we come out of lockdown.

In a positive light, things are starting to shift, and it’s time to prepare for our bounce back. Over the next few days, I might probably extend it into next week as well; we’re going to cover some different marketing ideas for you that you can move on straight away that will make a difference.

APSCo Data

Now, I’m not sure if there are any APSCo members in this group. I suspect there are. I was on a few APSCo webinars last week, and some positive things are happening, things are starting to shift, placements are still being made across the U.K. and in virtually every single sector when you look at the data. If you’re not an APSCo member, just go and check out the website. I think they might be even allowing you to have access to some of these webinars for free at the moment.

Now Sunday was interesting. I went to the office just to pick up the post and that picture that’s behind me because I forgot to bring it – it’s one of my favourite pictures – and I thought I might be here a few more weeks, so need to have some things around me.

I was getting the post, and as I was driving back, I drove over the M6. I was surprised to see the number of lorries and vans out there, not all food related. The supply chain is starting. I think one of the members in the group mentioned that too. That means that it’s time for us to get our heads into gear and move forward with marketing.

Where Should Your Marketing Start?

Many people say, “Where should I start?” It’s very easy to just go off scattergun. Whereas now is a time to really start thinking about, “Let’s get back to basics,” if there’s ever a time to get back to basics, it’s now.

In our, recruitment marketing and sales process. There’s a couple of things on there I want to focus on and that is about messaging.

The first thing you need to start with is your marketing messages because the messaging you were using two or three months ago when you were selling the dream or selling the fantastic team. Growth and opportunity have probably changed slightly.

We’re in a different scenario and world now.

You’ve got some organizations and some people who are surviving at the moment, let alone thriving. Your messaging needs to meet them where they are now.

I suspect that when we all went into lockdown, we all rang our clients to have a conversation with them and just see what possibilities there were

Well, over the last few weeks, I’ve noticed because I was talking to a couple of clients of ours, everything seems to have gone very quiet.

That initial rush of enthusiasm has been taken over by a bit of a malaise that’s gone on. Well, now’s the time to get back on the phone and start talking to people because you need to be communicating the messages that are important to them now.

Talk to Your Candidates and Clients Again

There are many ways you can do that. Pick up the phone, send some emails, but get clear on what is important to them now, what do they need to know about.

Here I would also talk to clients, and I would speak with candidates because I think one of the things about being in the recruitment space is you have a lot of knowledge about business, you have a lot of experience about building a team, you have a lot of knowledge about career development, and this time, you need to put a different lens on it.

First things first, is go along, talk to people, and pull out what’s going on for them because it’s very easy to think I know what they want, and you just might not be right at the moment.

Find that information out first and then we can start to work with that, with your messaging, because if you ever have that situation where you talk to somebody, and nothing happens and it’s generally because you’ve got the messaging wrong, or because you’re saying the wrong thing to the wrong person rather than the right thing to the right person.

That’s the tip for today if you want to jump on that, and then tomorrow, we’ll take it further and look at what you can do with those messages and maybe some of the content that you can utilize that you already have and start getting out into the market.




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