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The topic for today is 90-day reviews. We encourage all of our clients and students, particularly in our inner circle members, to use the power of a  90-day plan.

To understand where you are and what the next steps are, there are 6 questions to ask yourself.

1. What have you achieved so far?

The first thing we would say to people is; What have we actually achieved so far? It’s very easy to focus on what you haven’t done. That is human nature.



Instead ask, “Okay, so what have we achieved? What are some of the results that we’ve got?”

We all know there is a law of gestation, and sometimes it takes input actually to get bedded in before the output happens. Think about that. That’s the first question, What have we achieved so far?


2. Are we off plan

Number two, Are we off-plan? It’s sometimes good to inform yourself. If you are off-plan, is there a reason? Is it because you’ve been swanning around not doing much, which I very much doubt, or is it because you’ve got other priorities? Something we always say to people, if you’ve got other priorities, are they your priorities, or could somebody else in the business handle it?

Often we find with a lot of our people that are on our programmes, are doing things other people could be doing, or they could be outsourcing various activities..

Think about that. Inform yourself. If you are off-plan, what’s the reason for it.


If you got the most amazing recruitment contract that landed on your doorstep that you had to deliver, well that’s fine, however, have some discernment in this. A mentor of mine always calls it accurate thinking.


3. What haven’t we achieved that we wanted to?

If you’re off-plan, the next question is, what hasn’t been achieved that we wanted to achieve? This really does inform you about, think about, okay, so what else do we need to do?

Is this still a priority for us? Sometimes you know, businesses change, particularly in the SME sector, very fast. Is it something that you still need to do to achieve your goals this year? That’s number three.

4. What do we know works that we’ve stopped doing?

Here’s something for you, What do we know works that we’ve stopped doing? For those of you who are avid listeners to this podcast, avid readers on our blog, know that unlike some of our other counterparts in the industry, we believe in marketing in a holistic way.

What I mean by that is it’s not just all about how many tweets you can send out on your online ideas, it’s about marketing as a discipline.



Marketing as a way to create demand for your service. Perhaps for your niche or locality your networking works, it’s doing direct mail, or then local chamber meetings.

It’s thinking about what do you know that works for you that maybe you have stopped doing?


Our own insights!

I’m going to tell you a couple of stories that relate to us. The truth is we are all in business to make a profit. We’re similar businesses. We all here want to generate client leads.

A couple of things is that we do a video for our inner circle clients, and we do it on a Friday. It’s a bit of a fun video, we do it with reflections from the week.

This video is sometimes on reflections of the week or something that might have happened, and they enjoy it. There’s banter that goes on between Sharon and I as you might imagine. We’ll cover different topics that might have happened. This helps to stimulate thinking for our clients.

We also thought, why don’t we also start doing this again on our Facebook page? ( We have done this before).

If you’ve not gone over to the Superfast Recruitment Facebook page, go and Like it, and then go on a Friday and have a look at one of our videos.

It’s really interesting, but whenever we do a video together, we get more likes, shares and comments. Since last week’s video, we’ve had two people contact us spontaneously asking to have a conversation.

You could think, well why did we stop doing that? You know what? Life gets in the way sometimes and we forget.

Here is something else We’ve also implemented, for the first time in a while, a completely cold e-mail campaign to people that we don’t know, and we achieved a high open-rate,( hopefully so as I am a copywriter!) and we’ve got quite a number of people opted into our website and report. Again, that’s something that historically we’ve done in the past.

Hey, we’re marketing experts and we can forget to do something.


5. What is the one thing you want to take action in this quarter that you know will make a big difference?

What I challenge you to do is, this is number five for you, What one thing are you going to do this quarter that would make a difference, that you’re going to nail really? That is number five, what one thing you can do.


6. Take action on something outside your comfort zone this quarter.

I would really encourage you to do something you might be scared of. Whether that is setting a goal for your consultants or something else, or whether it’s for you to go on video, or to do a Facebook Live, or something like that. What is one thing that you are scared of what would you like to do this next quarter? Then just see what it is. It might be for some people, attempting a new marketing strategy.



We’ve had some people just recently, who have purchased a product of ours called the Blueprint. It’s actually called the Boot Camp, they’re getting a special offer for the end of the financial year.

For many of them, it’s a big thing for them to step out and invest in marketing when they’ve been so used to their consultants picking the phone up.

This is Denise with 90-day reviews. Think about those six key questions.

  • What have we achieved so far?
  • Are we off-plan?
  • What have we not achieved?
  • What do we know works that we’ve stopped doing?
  • What one thing are we going to nail this quarter?
  • What are we scared of that maybe we want to jump in and do something about?



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