Why You Can’t Ignore Social Marketing Anymore


Last week I talked about One Direction and how they were, and still are, marketed through social media. All well and good for a boy band with a target market of young teenage girls. So what about a ‘normal’ business like recruitment?


It might surprise you that the story is similar for many businesses according to a recent article on the MarketingProfs website. The report by Search Metrics revealed the latest data on everything social. The in-depth study of the most correlated variables when ranking in the search engines confirmed that seven of the top eight are ‘social’ in nature. This was based on data from over 10,000 keywords and 300,000 websites.


The truth is, if you want some Google love for your recruitment company offering then you need to get ‘social’ and have a presence on the main social channels in addition to building links and having a well optimised website.


I’ll apologise in advance for using a topical jargon word – engagement. That is what grips the current world of online marketing. Google apparently loves connection, interaction and validation. This is exactly what happens with social media and relevant links to your website. If you feel pretty confident that you have this online thing nailed just Google your company name and you should see a number of  links and references to your LinkedIn profile and company page, your Twitter account, perhaps your Facebook page… and the list goes on.


Do you dominate page one for your recruitment company and all its social channels? If you don’t you can and it might just be worth it. Think about it. A prospective client or candidate searches for your company name and first of all they see multiple links side by side on the top left of the page.



This is then followed by various links to your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn company page, Twitter page, Facebook business page, YouTube account, slide share account, Google plus, blog articles etc.


What impact might that have? Obviously Google approves and will rank you higher and I guarantee it will have an impact on how you are perceived in your market.


What next? Here are some actions for you to maximise the opportunity that ‘social’ marketing can bring when it comes to marketing your recruitment company online.


1. LinkedIn


Make sure you have a complete LinkedIn profile for every consultant in your team. It needs to attract both candidates and clients and give a reason why they should work with you. Having it full of ‘non-specific drivel’ like “we strive to deliver an excellent service”, is pretty useless. Doesn’t every business owner?? If they don’t they won’t be in business long.


Have a LinkedIn company page. The more opportunities to find you on LinkedIn and Google the better.


2. Twitter


Have a Twitter account and get it branded with your logo and contact details. Follow prospective clients and candidates; not just other recruiters or your mates! Unless of course they are bringing you business. 🙂


3. Facebook

social media for recruiters

A contentious one for many recruiters – to have an fb page or not? I would say it is worth it, particularly in light of the recent evidence from Search Metrics. Set it up as a business page. Post updates about your company and brand. Suggest people like your page, run competitions. Two years ago  I had a different view about facebook and B2B marketing. I now think, have as many ways possible for people to find you online.


4. YouTube

You Tube Marketing

Video is “in” and growing. In the next few weeks you will see more video from us. YouTube is huge as a potential marketing tool for you. Look out for a whole series of posts about that one. Let me leave you with one thought. Having a video on your home page increases your chance of appearing on Google.


5. Google +


The new kid on the block. Incredibly popular in the US, yet slow to take off here. Get yourself on it and post regularly. Better to put a stake in the ground now ready for when it does take off.


6. Slideshare.net


This is a document and Power Point sharing website. Few people know about it yet Google does and it loves it. You can upload content in a document or Power Point and it gets found online. Great news, it starts the process of branding you as an expert in your market… happy days.


7. Post regular content on your website


I can hear a groan! It works and it helps with building links to your website. At the start of this article/blog I shared a link to search metrics. So they have a link from us. People share good content.


Finally, take action consistently and momentum will build. Before you realise it your twitter account will be appearing on Google. Relevant people will be following you. More people on LinkedIn will be viewing your profile and the list goes on.





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