Why Recruiters Need To Understand The Buyers Cycle

Today, let’s talk about the buyer’s cycle. Normally, business owners and most salespeople want immediate results, yet the truth is, at any one time, only 3% and 7% of people are ready to invest and buy your services now.

So, if you’re thinking about scaling your recruitment or search company, you can’t possibly expect to do that when you focus your marketing solely on that 3% to 7%.

Yet sadly, that is what some business owners do because they don’t have strategies to target the other 93%.

You can use strategies focusing on 3% to 7% because you want immediate results. However, I’d encourage you to start thinking about how your marketing addresses the 93% of other potential buyers who are not ready to work with you or any recruitment company yet.

How The Buyers Cycle Works

This is where the buying cycle comes in because you want to have marketing strategies that create awareness of your business throughout this process.
That way, if people don’t know about you when they go looking for you, they can find you on social media, access valuable content on your website, and you have a way to keep in touch with them.

Then, as they get to a point where they are thinking about hiring, maybe bringing in some temporary or contract workers or filling some critical permanent roles, you are the company they think of. Maybe they haven’t used recruiters before, they’ve been dissatisfied with another company, and they’re looking for somebody new, so they start looking for what kind of specialist recruitment company they can work with.

It’s no different from thinking about investing thousands in a new kitchen or a car. You don’t just go and make a snap 30, 40, 50,000K purchase unless you’ve got that winning lottery ticket.

You research and think about what car you want, what kind of kitchen you want, and what type of company you want to work with to install that new kitchen.

Then, when you’re ready to decide, you go and engage with a company you have seen before. Well, your clients are no different.

They’re going to go and do their research, check you out, and look at reviews about good and not-so-good recruitment and staffing companies. Then, when they are ready to start working with you, they will get in touch.

Logically, then, you want to make sure that the different marketing activities that you are doing are nurturing people through that journey of being aware of you and your business, considering who you are, what you do, and whether they work with you versus somebody else.

The good news is different marketing strategies work through this decision-making process. Therefore, when you’re reviewing your marketing and thinking about up-levelling how you are creating demand through marketing so you get your business in front of the right clients and candidates right now, ensure you’ve got the right strategies in place.

These need to meet the following goals.

• Building awareness
• Supporting consideration
• Helping the decision process

Doing this will get business today from those strategies that will accommodate the 3% to 7%, and you will also make sure that you’re getting a constant flow of leads of people when they are ready to buy and engage with you.



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