Why Process Is The Key To Marketing Your Recruitment Company

I want to record this short podcast for you today on the value of recruitment company process. Now, last night I was flicking through this new book that had arrived from Amazon, by Shari Levitin it was a recommendation by a lady called Jill Konrath, who’s a specialist in the sales arena globally. Moreover, one of the titles stood out to me, and it was called, “The Freedom in Structure”.

As recruitment company owners you have structure and systems and processes in place when you are working with clients and candidates to match the ideal person for their perfect role in their ideal business.

When it comes to marketing, it is the same. There is a system and a structure in place to make sure that you get the results that you want when you are investing time and resources in your marketing.

When I am having a conversation with recruitment company owners about lead generation, for example, it is not unusual for people to say, “Well we are doing this, we are doing that. We are doing email marketing, we are doing some paid ads, we are doing lots on LinkedIn, yet we are not quite getting the inbound leads that we are looking for, or that I thought that we would get.”

When I start delving a little bit more, often one of the problems is that certain things have not happened before that business has begun working on ramping up their lead generation.

That is what I want to just have a quick word with you about today. Over the years, and it is about ten years now that we have been working with recruitment and staffing business owners, we have fine-tuned a ten-step process that we use with our clients, that we teach in Super-Fast Circle and that we know works.

The first three steps in that process are as follows:


Have a goal, know what it is that you want to achieve and why you want to accomplish that.


The second thing is, know whom you are targeting. Now you might say to me, “Well we know who our verticals are.” Absolutely, but within any vertical, you can have a company of five people, up to 500 people, and they are very different kinds of organisations to market to. So what size of business would be your ideal client? Moreover, who within that organisation, do you want to get your marketing messages across to, to sell the value of the service that you are offering?


Now, that leads me on to the third milestone, which is the messages that you want to communicate. What are the messages that will speak directly into the target person? Now, most recruitment companies have broad, generic marketing messages. Your marketing will be more impactful, and your lead generation will work far better for you when your messages speak directly to the problems and the challenges of the people who are receiving your videos, your content marketing and your email marketing.

Have a stretch goal, be clear who you’re targeting, who within the organisation you want to get your marketing in front of and be very specific with the messages that you communicate to that particular individual. Do those three things and you will have more impactful results when it comes to lead generation.

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