Why Now Is The Time For A Marketing Collateral Audit


As we are rapidly approaching the end of the year, it’s an appropriate time to do a marketing audit.

Earlier this week, we were chatting with the members in the Superfast circle on our weekly call, and we were going through this idea of a marketing audit.

Audit Your Marketing Collateral

We call this a marketing collateral audit, and this is something that we created for people who in are in the circle, but I wanted to read some of the ideas that we’ve got, because as you all think about your marketing next year, have you got all the collateral that you need ready, in place so that you can start the new year with your marketing campaigns?

What Collateral Is Important ?

Things such as what branded items might you have? Have you got any? If you haven’t, what can you get? If you have been using them, have you got enough for the campaigns you’re planning? So, do you need a reorder, let’s say.

But you know, think about all your social media platforms, have you got those in place? Are you posting on them consistently and regularly with the right kind of quality content?

Think about events, are you doing events? If not, could you?

Think about all the different lead magnets/ white papers. Have you got a lead magnet that is tailored for all the verticals you serve in your business? If not, what could you be doing to work towards achieving that goal?

Think about the different email campaigns. Are you creating email campaigns that are going out to all your clients and separately your candidates? Or again, are you doing targeted email campaigns? If you’re not, it’s something to be thinking about.

Things like case studies. We’ve got candidate and client pathway. What we mean by that is, what was the process that you take your candidates and your clients through and do you have that mapped out?

Do you use them in conversations when you’re in meetings with clients and with candidates? They’re just some of the examples of marketing collateral, and there’s an awful lot more as well, but it’s worth doing a quick stock take.

So, if you found this helpful, please share it, please like it and come back for more videos coming shortly. That’s Sharon from Superfast Recruitment.

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