What Your Brand Image and Colours Communicate About Your Business



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What does your brand image and colours communicate about your recruitment business? Hi! I’m Sharon from Super Fast Recruitment with a recruitment marketing update.


Let me ask you a question – when you were thinking about your brand logo and the colours, how did you decide? Now sometimes we decide for lots of different reasons. It might be purely personal preference. You know, we like a colour, so we go with that. You might have decided to head off to Google, check out some of your competitors, see what kind of colors they’re going for and think “Well maybe that works in our market, so I’ll keep on a similar theme.”


Alternatively, you might have gone for something quite different so you can be distinctive. And let’s face it, we are not all amazingly creative so sometimes we bring in the experts don’t we? We bring in a design team to help us come up with, you know, what the right idea is.


Now the thing is, not everybody spends a huge amount of time thinking about what do they want their brands to communicate. Now recently I’ve had a number of conversations with business owners who are just in the middle or really at the beginning of that exercise of upgrading their recruitment website and so they’re thinking about logos, branding, communication… Colours came into the conversation and I just want to share with you just a couple of ideas around colours when it comes to branding.


Now, Professor Jennifer Aaker from Stanford University who is a psychologist- In her research, she came out with five key aspects that a brand has and is brand personality and they are sophistication, excitement, sincerity, competence, and ruggedness. Now, when you think about your brand which of those five aspects might your brand have or you might want your brand to have. Because the thing is, for each of those five aspects there are colours that are associated with them.


Now, I have to be really honest with you. It’s not an exact science so we can’t say that across the whole globe that yellow does communicate whatever yellow communicates, red communicates excitement and blue communicates trust. Now the reason for that is because we’re all individuals. You know, there’s different cultures where we come from and different experiences, our personal experience do influence that. However, having said that, there are colors and themes that do get associated with those five different aspects.


So the thing to think about is, what do you actually want your brand to communicate? What kind of personality do you want your brand to have? And then have a look at what the colour association is. Now here’s a great resource and you can see a link below to download it but the “Colour in emotion Guide” is fabulous. It gives you some great ideas and that’s by the Logo Company. Here is the link to download the colour guide.


So, if you are that point where you’re thinking in the next six months about upgrading your website, maybe redesigning your materials, do think about what you want your brand to communicate and have a look at that great guide. Thanks for listening I’m Sharon from Super Fast Recruitment with a recruitment marketing update.




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