What Recruitment Business Owners Need to Know About the Buying Cycle

Hi, this is Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment.  

Its right that business owners want immediate results.  

Whats not right, though, is when you appreciate that at any one time, there is literally between 3% and 7% of people who are ready to actually invest and buy your services.  

So if youre thinking about scaling a recruitment company, you cant possibly expect to do that when you focus your marketing solely on that 3% to 7%.  

And yet sadly, that is what some business owners do because they dont have a multitude of strategies to target the other 93%.  

Now, lets be straight.  

There are strategies that you can use that focus on that 3% to 7% because you do want immediate results. However, what Id encourage you to do is start to think about how your marketing addresses the 93%.  

And this is where the buying cycle comes in. 


Nurturing the 93% 

Because you want to have marketing strategies that create awareness of your business – so if people dont know about you, when they go looking for you, they can find you on social media. They can find great value-added content on the website; youve got strategies to keep in touch with them.  

Now, as they get to a point where they are thinking about bringing in some temporary workers, about filling some critical permanent roles that theyve got, that they want to start engaging with a recruitment company.  

Maybe they havent used recruiters before, maybe theyve been dissatisfied with another recruitment company, and theyre looking for somebody new; so theyre starting to go out looking for what kind of specialist recruitment company can they partner with.  


Understanding Buying Habits 

Its no different, is it, than if you are thinking about investing thousands in a new kitchen or youre investing in a car?  

You dont just go and make a snap 30, 40, £50,000-pound purchase, unless, of course, youve got that winning lottery ticket. 

You do your research, and you think about what car do you want, you think about what kind of kitchen do you want, what kind of company do you want to work with to install that new kitchen. 

And then, at some point, you get to that point where youre ready to make a decision, and you then go and you engage.  

Well, your clients are no different.  

Theyre going to go and do their research, check you out, look at different reviews about good and not so good recruitment companies, and then when they are ready to start working with you, they will get in touch, theyll have some conversations.  


How to Market to the Different Buying Cycle Stages  

Now, you want to make sure that the different marketing activities that you are doing are nurturing people through that journey of being aware of you and your business; considering who you are, what do you do, should they work with you versus somebody else, and through to that decision-making process. 

And there are specific marketing strategies that tie directly into those three levels.  

So when youre reviewing your marketing, and you are thinking about up-levelling your marketing in order to get your business in front of the right clients and the right candidates right now, make sure that youve got strategies that meet awareness, consideration, and decision. 

And you will get business today from those strategies that will accommodate the 3% to 7%, but you will also make sure that youre getting constant flow of leads when they are ready to buy and engage with you.  

So the buying cycle – does your marketing meet all the different stages of it?  

For more information about lead generation, plus all aspects of marketing your recruitment business, click here to read our latest blog posts, or head to our downloads page here to get your hands on our free recruitment marketing guides. 

Thats Sharon Newey from Superfast Recruitment. 

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