How to Generate Consistent Lead Flow

Well, hi there everyone, this is Denise Oyston from Superfast Recruitment and today, I want to talk about consistent lead flow. 

I’ll go through some groundwork that you might need to do, some systems that you might want to start considering and thinking about as you develop your lead flow strategy for the rest of this year. 

Getting Your Messaging Right  

Now, the first thing I want to talk about is messaging, and with anything that you get dialled in and anything thats working, there is some groundwork involved. The messages that you were using to communicate your service in January and February are probably no longer going to work because everyone else is in a really different situation.  

I know we are, I know our clients are, so Im suspecting that your clients are too.  

You know, imagine if youve had to make people redundant, if youve lost half your business overnight, if youve got X number of people on furlough and youre wondering about who do I bring back? Do I really want to bring that person back? What am I now going to do?  

I wish I had an A and a B rather than the X and Y that Ive got.  

Because weve all been reflecting, havent we, about our business and where we want to take it next – so your clients will have done that as well.  

The easiest thing to do – get on the phone, speak to them, talk to them and find out what exactly is going on for them. And that way, youll be able to answer those questions, youll be able to dial those messages in, as you then start to promote and move forward.  

Communicating Your Value  

The second thing is communicating your value.  

Now, I was talking to one of our clients the other day, who was talking to their clients, who had something like 500 job applications for a particular position 

And though your clients may think they can sit down and sift through CVs while theyre watching the latest episode of Holby City or whatever at night on the TV, they cant.  

And now more than ever, its imperative that you communicate the value of what you do. 

And for some of you, this may be something youve not done, you know, at a deeper level for absolutely years, because youve not had to. Well, now you will need to.  

So you need to think about your offer and how you communicate it. The third thing is you need to be more visible.  

When people are looking for new players in the market, theyre looking for new people to work with. One of the first places they will go and look is obviously Google, and they will look on social media. 

So you need to make sure that whatever you are putting out there is notched up a few levels when it comes to volume because you need to be everywhere.  

People need to be able to find you, and you need to be able to communicate.  

If youre not au fait with being on social media in a way that works, weve got a report that you can go and grab, just go to our website /smm 

So, thats SuperFastRecruitment.co.uk/smm, and you can download this report. 

Weve actually laid out a whole load of things that you could do when it comes to social.  

So you need to be more visible.  

Building Your Credibility  

The next thing is you need to have some credibility pieces. 

Those credibility pieces are basically a website thats functioning 

Also, you need to have some case studies there as well, and some testimonials, that you are sharing on social media too. Because people, if they are moving suppliers, want some validation.  

So those are four things. 

Email Marketing  

And the fifth thing is, yes, its picking up the phone, and also cold emailing.  

Email still provides one of the highest ROIs of any marketing strategy that you can implement, and so we strongly suggest this. Were getting a lot of positivity around cold emailing from our clients, and then you can pick up the phone and follow this up.  

So, thats five things for you to start with straight away; your messaging, communicating your value, being everywhere, thinking about your case studies and also starting on cold emailing. 

I’ll probably do a deeper dive into all of these over the next few videos for you, but those are some areas to get started now.  

For more information about lead generation, plus all aspects of marketing your recruitment business, click here to read our latest blog postsor head to our downloads page here to get your hands on our free recruitment marketing guides.   

So this is Denise from Super Fast Recruitment saying, bye for now. 

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