What Part Should Marketing Play In Your Business Plans For 2020?

Marketing planning is the topic for today. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been down to Rec Expo, like many of you have. We’ve had several VIP days with clients, and we’re looking forward to being with our Superfast Circle members at our next event.

And there’s a common theme to the conversation, and that is around growth in 2020 and how does marketing play a crucial part in our business plans?

At the moment, no doubt, you are absolutely focused and hitting your targets for 2019 and for many of you, 2020 is going to be on your radar too.

So the purpose of today’s podcast and video is to share some ideas and some things that you can be doing now to help you get clarity and to help you think about marketing as we move into not only a new year but a new decade.

So where do you start?

Well, think about where you are today.

Now, if we go back to January this year, you will have had some goals for 2019 from a business point and a marketing point of view.

It’s now time to take stock on what are you going to be achieving this year?

  • What have you achieved from a marketing point of view?
  • What are the activities that have been working really well for you in terms of generating new clients and new candidates and potentially internal talent, as well?

If you think about what’s worked, how can you scale that? What things maybe haven’t been as successful, what could you change? And also what are the marketing elements that you didn’t do that you had planned to do?

So, take stock. It’s a great place to start.

Then it’s about thinking, what do you want to achieve in 2020? It’s an exciting time, a new decade. And what level of growth are you going to be looking for? Are you thinking about expanding out into Europe or internationally?

Now, based on what your plans are and the timing of hitting those goals, what does marketing need to achieve for you? And so, how do you plan to use all the different marketing strategies that you potentially can leverage?

Sharon Newey: Now, you know, build into that plan. The things that are working, because one of the things that we often find is strategies work for people and they don’t think about scaling them and investing more in that particular strategy.

Whether that’s pay-per-click, email marketing, their content and social media, so really have a think about what strategies are going to deliver the results that you need in terms of the volume of new clients, the volume of new candidates that you will need to fill the jobs that you have to secure in order to hit all those financial goals for next year, having celebrated this year’s success at Christmas.

A great place to start if you haven’t reviewed where you are for some time is to carry out an audit of where you are today. And if you haven’t already downloaded the Recruitment Marketing Checklist, then I suggest that you do, at the bottom of this post you will find a box when you can add your email, and we will do the rest.

This audit checklist will help you identify how you are performing in all aspects of your marketing.

So, literally, a quick five minutes to do a sense check of where you’re at because that will help you identify what you’re strong at on where some of the gaps are, and that can inform your plans for next year.

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