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Now today’s topic is all about landing pages and it’s becoming quite topical at the moment with regards to online marketing because it is quite new for many people about maybe using paid advertising, getting people to opt-in to an offer that they may have or to download a free report or something like that. So I’ve had quite a few questions recently about what exactly is a landing page so that’s the topic of today’s podcast.


So hi there everyone! This is Denise from Super Fast Recruitment and as always you might be listening to this on iTunes, you might be listening to this on our website, on the blog, whichever way. Head over to superfastrecruitment.co.uk/blog and you can even download this MP3 and you can read the transcription.


So, landing pages – becoming quite popular at the moment. One or two people have asked me – Exactly what is a landing page? Should I have one? How did it work? Where would I want to use them?


So, are landing pages the same as webpages? Well no, not really. They are slightly different. A landing page ideally is where somebody lands when maybe they’ve clicked on an advert of yours or you’ve sent them a link to go to this landing page, maybe in an email that you’ve sent.


And what’s the outcome for it? Well, a landing page is a page where someone lands obviously and then they take an action. Now that action could be, you know, maybe to buy something or more likely if you are a recruitment business owner to maybe, the term would be opt-in.
They give you their name and email address for something in return. That would generally be where a landing page is used and they are very popular. Because one of the things about landing pages is generally they will not have other distractions around them. Because when someone lands on a page like this, you want them to take a specific action. You don’t want them to go over and click on one link here and another link there and another link here or maybe go off and start ferretting around your website to look at other things.


So it needs to be nice and plain and simple with maybe some copywriting on there with a great call to action so that people know exactly what they need to do. And that’s the key benefit of having a landing page.


Now if you’re wanting to measure your marketing activity then landing pages make that really easy because of course what you can do is maybe you have an offer, maybe it’s a free report or something like that. You know, it could be a free report for your clients or candidate even. Then you can actually measure it Google Analytics to see how popular your pages are. And generally landing pages convert better than ordinary webpages because there’s no distractions.


So you know what are the dos and don’ts? Well, I’ve mentioned some of them already. First thing I would always say is to make sure there is some link to your website. Whether that’s just in a privacy policy at the bottom of your landing page that you have or maybe some colouring or branding so people think “Ah, this is a page from Acme Recruitment so yeah I’m okay here this is just some form of offer going on.” Because it makes conversion so much better. It is about this, I talked about in an earlier podcast about marketing friction. What this does is it actually reduces the amount of friction that goes on by doing this.


So landing pages then, should you be using them? Well, they are really useful particularly if you want to measure your own marketing which hopefully you will. If you want to do paid advertising again they are a great thing to use. Very easy to set up. Your webmaster can set them up best you.


There are various pieces of software that you can use online that enable you to do this, one which is ‘OptimizePress’. There’s another one called ‘LeadPages’ which we use, which is a great piece of software. And you can get different landing pages for that.


It may be that you have a landing page specifically designed for a training event that you have or maybe a webinar that you want to run for candidates or clients. So this is where you would use a landing page.


So a pretty short podcast today. I just wanted to answer that question. We are going to do a range of these over the coming weeks. So you can have a look on our website and you can find them and they’ll just answer some of your more common questions. So this is Denise saying bye for now!





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Click To Tweet: [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]One of the things about landing pages is generally they will not have other distractions around them. – Denise Oyston[/inlinetweet]


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