Website Traffic That Generates Candidates and Clients: Our Client’s Secret Formula


How to get more traffic to my recruitment website is a common question we are asked. If fact we wrote a blog post a while ago that talked about the fundamentals of good design, branding etc and you can read that here.

So, how can you start to ramp up your website visitors and is there a process to follow?

The answer is yes on both counts and content is the foundation.

Shhh! We use a specific formula that we teach and deliver for our recruitment clients.

It’s an easy way to remember what to do to.

Though before we reveal what it is I want to clarify a couple of points.

Remember People Are Looking For Solutions To Their Problems

Before we talk through what to do, remember people are visiting your recruitment website for a reason

  • They have decided they want to move roles and want some help
  • They want to grow their team and need support and guidance

The traffic that visit’s your website is at all points of the buyer’s cycle and you want to provide something for everyone. A bit like going to the local pub and appreciating the fact that they have sandwiches as well as a full-blown meal.

Now you have some ideas on the foundations let’s look at the formula.

It’s easy to remember… P.E.S.S. and it’s a process we have identified over the last 10 years.

I suspect you are wondering what it stands for?

  • Paid
  • Email
  • Sharing
  • Search

Let me give you a quick idea of how each works.


A great mentor of mine Frank Kern says that turning advertising into profit is the holy grail of marketing. He has a point too.

If in doubt buy it! You can make your advertising speak out to your ideal avatar and provide a solution to a problem going on in their head.

You can use Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and Linkedin as a start. A popular way now is called native advertising; in fact, you might be reading this exact post because you clicked a post on Facebook or Linkedin of ours.

Advertising is now so advanced If you have visited this post I could show you an advert on Google or Facebook that might say… Hey Mr or Mrs recruiter can we help you get more candidates and clients?

I know a tad spooky and yet extremely effective. It’s called re-marketing or re-targeting and you can read a longer post about it here.


Still, the medium that gives the biggest ROI despite GDPR. If you are on our email list, you will get an email every week that sends you to a post like this on our website.

Its value adds and while you are here you might download something else or subconsciously move along the buyer’s cycle.


How Could This Work For You?

As a recruiter, your email ‘traffic’ might look at your job board your testimonials and case studies all designed to ‘sell’ your service. It’s an underused strategy! Do it!

Our content clients get an email to use with all their content which works like gangbusters to keep them front of mind.

Important: Remember outbound marketing still works too. How about sending a cold email out to a business email? Inside is content and a link to your website.

Your email footer is the same. You can have a link to your job board etc…… and the list goes on.


Sharing is caring! We live in a super-connected world and social media is massive.

You might have read a snapshot of this post on LinkedIn you clicked a link and now you are here. A superfast superfan might have shared this and you followed their recommendation.

It’s the same for you.

Recruitment is a people business and referral are key… “Hey, Andy check out Acme Pharma Consulting. I spoke to Maria and she is an ex-medical rep she understands the challenges of recruiting MSMs give her a call………… oh hang on I think their web address is……. Acme Pharma Consulting dot com.”

I could share 100 sharing ideas here only…. It’s only limited by your imagination. Which leads me to the last point…


Search marketing is massive and it’s easy to get started. You will notice various hyperlinks in this post that connect related posts and topics they happen to be related to what people are searching for too.

Search can happen on Google on iTunes and YouTube. Imagine getting ‘free’ traffic like this? It’s possible.

We have clients from all over the world; many of them find us on iTunes and Google.

Imagine have a range of posts on your website that attracts constant visitors. I was chatting to one of our clients today about a post we have written for him that has “got a life of its own!”

It’s part of a series of posts we both create for our content clients or teach our Superfast Circle members.

Consistent website traffic doesn’t happen overnight when it comes to ‘search’ however it builds over the months and years and boy what a difference that makes.

What Next?

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