The Sad Reason Why Your Recruiters Aren’t Recognised


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It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You have finally managed to increase your recruiter headcount and the potential is there, only every time your billing teams pick up the phone they ALWAYS have to explain who they are.

There is no recognition and it makes the job even harder; always starting from ground zero.

So how come other recruitment companies don’t have this issue?

They are implementing something else in addition to picking up the phone and hitting their KPIs, to be recognised.

It’s called Thought Leadership or in some circles Authority Marketing.

Being a ‘thought leader’ in your individual sector is possible for anyone reading this who is willing to take action and apply some of the suggestions I am going to make.

The truth? If you don’t start now you will fall behind the pack and you will be playing catch up.


Why Bother?




There are nearly 40,000 recruitment companies in the UK

Competition for candidates and clients to fuel growth is increasing and you will need to ensure you have a plan to stand out in your own market next year or you will be in trouble…. yes there is grow and the old school recruiters are disappearing.

Becoming a recognised expert in your sector is fast becoming one of the criteria your candidates and clients have when it comes to purchasing decisions, in other words, what recruitment company they will use to either represent them or find the talent they want to bring into their organisations.

Get this working and the rewards will be huge.

  • Profit
  • Growth
  • Consistent lead generation
  • ….sale-ability for the ultimate exit plan you might have in mind.

Where Can You Start?


First start by looking at what impression you are creating with your potential clients, candidates and future talent that might consider joining you?

Get someone to give you their honest impression who isn’t connected to your business that will help you find out;

  • Are you communicating your brand?
  • What value do you offer apart from the obvious? E.g. do you have content, salary surveys, case studies and interviews with experts freely available online?
  • How visible are you online?
  • How consistent are you in communicating what you do.

You might be uncomfortably surprised at how un-coordinated and inconsistent your approach is. You might have a bright new shiny website and what is your plan to promote it?

Is this ringing any bells?

What Next?




Take action it’s as simple as that. We have worked with a number of clients who do the work required consistently and consequently get the results.

They are now positioning themselves in their individual markets. Last week one of them admitted that every time they open their email or went onto LinkedIn they had a potential warm lead they could contact….and because of the profile they had built up their calls were accepted..

Could your company benefit from using some Thought leadership strategies?

The answer is Yes.

Would you like to know more? If that is the case hop on a call with one of us. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are based we can help.



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