The Real Sales Mistakes Recruiters Make

As we start a new year no doubt, you’ve set yourselves some stretching growth goals for next year. As a business owner, you’d be looking for ways of how are you going to support your billing team to achieve their individual and collective goals.

Now, over the years as a salesperson myself, I’ve realised that unfortunately, there are no shortcuts, there are no gimmicks, there are no tricks to opening up the door to a new prospect to get that sale. I think I’ve also realised as well, as the years have progressed, that I can practise as much as I like in terms of my opening lines, how to handle objections and I can think that it’s all about that in terms of how I convert.
I can think that it’s about how good I am at matching people’s tone, all that kind of stuff.

And yes, it’s important and the realisation is that when I think about my most prosperous times when I look at successful recruitment consultants and business owners, that there is one common thing.
Your Pipeline

The recipe for that success is how good people have been in sales at creating and maintaining a full pipeline.

As you think about your growth targets this year, there is going to be a rate-limiting factor and that will be how good your business is at attracting quality client and candidate leads in the most competitive market in the last 10 years.

When you think then about how you can support your team next year, think about all the different things that you can do to put outstanding lead generation systems in place to fill and keep that pipeline full as well.
If you want some ideas on how to do this consistently, then why not join Denise and me next Thursday.

That’s the 23rd of January at 11:00 AM. Because on behalf of APSCo, we are hosting a webinar on exactly this topic. As an APSCo member, you can register for a place here.


If you aren’t a member email here->membership@apsco.org and the great peeps at APSCo will help you out.



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