The Power of Process and Your Marketing Results

Excuse any rogue typing errors! This is a direct transcription of the the video for your benefit. I am surrounded today by lots of process maps for marketing. And the reason is that this time next week we will be with our Superfast Circle members for our November two day marketing retreat.

And as we were mapping out some new process maps for people, it got me thinking that when I’m having conversations with marketers and business owners, and we’re talking about what’s working, what’s a success, and what isn’t the challenge is the detail and process that people do or don’t follow.

This is why many people complain that their marketing isn’t working or the R.O.I. they wanted isn’t happening, or the impact wasn’t what they expected. As we explore this with them in more detail there are usually several factors that are contributing towards a lack of results.

And one of the major ones is that while you have fantastic systems and processes for the recruiting piece of your business, in terms of marketing, sometimes the detail of those systems and processes isn’t at a level that is required.

So it can appear that while you might be implementing several different strategies, that the dots aren’t joined up, and the processes behind them don’t allow you to leverage all that investment that you are currently making.

This is why, a couple of years ago, we started creating a whole variety of different process maps for Superfast Circle members, was that as you getting into the detail of implementing, it’s so easy to forget the nuances of specific steps in a process, in a long sales and marketing funnel.

So what does this mean for you as you’re starting to think about planning for next year? Well, once you’ve got the clarity around the different strategies that you want to be investing in and implementing next year, the next step is to think about what’s the detail in terms of the process that’s required to implement those strategies, and what’s the system that you need to have in place.

There’s lots more automation available now, so what is going to work for you and your business? If you would like help to get marketing working in your business then get in touch. You can book a call with one of us to get clear on how to take your marketing to the next level.




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