The Best Inbound Marketing Strategy for The Recruitment Sector


Though August can be a quiet month for many the Superfast phone has been ringing off the hook. A couple of weeks ago we shared a marketing audit checklist for recruitment and staffing companies, and it’s the first start in accelerating your marketing results.

You can grab a copy at the end of the post.

It has resulted in people booking calls after downloading the checklist to have a conversation about what are their next steps.

One question in the audit focused on having both an outbound and inbound strategy.

So, today let’s talk inbound.

The question; what is the best inbound strategy to market your organisation?


Yes, good old fashioned help them by helping them…. who knew!

Let me explain more….


The Role of Marketing

Marketing is about positioning.

Positioning your recruitment and staffing brand as the organisation that can help them; doesn’t matter if they are a candidate or client.

The current staffing and recruiting sector is in a growth phase and with market growth comes competition.

Last year there were more staffing firms registered globally than at any other time in history.

Logically you will now have more competition than ever so how do you stand out….?

You offer value and educate.

This enables you to become a trusted advisor.

Remember we are still in the knowledge age, and as human beings, we are now able to get access to experts to help us.

Experts have the knowledge, they write articles, write reports and send useful emails and post useful advice on their social channels

Let me explain more…


Your Content Needs To Add Value And Educate

How do you position yourself as a trusted advisor? You educate your candidates and clients as they walk through their career and recruiting journey.

Yep, and it makes a huge difference.

The good news is that our online world has made it easier than ever to stand out; it might take some elbow grease and domination is there for the taking.

Writing a piece on preparing your CV to go out to the market or how to build a high performing team makes you stand out as an expert in the field rather than the shady recruiter who emails every man and his dog your CV! Or constantly makes cold calls saying, ‘give us a job.’

Selling is changing, and our prospects expect more from us.


How To Get Going

You can write the content yourself or outsource to someone experienced in the field. Remember you are a recruiting expert, unlike your clients and candidates.

Simple practical advice is what they want so to make sure your blog posts adhere to this.

…. and here is something that works so well it still astounds both of us; offering a content-rich PDF with helpful advice.

Now we have several our Superfast Circle members getting outstanding results following our process of giving away a free report.

So, education is key, people give their business to companies they, know like and trust and that happens through adding value.

Ready to get going?

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