Self-Motivation For Business Leaders: Time To Look at Your Gains




Self-motivation for business leaders. This week I recorded a video for our Superfast Circle group. It was part of our Monday Motivation series.

It relates to the last few weeks of the year and a touch of self-motivation.

December Isn’t The Easiest Month

Being honest, as business owners, December has its ups and downs. Getting into the Christmas spirit, the power of recognition, parties and celebrating a certain birthday is all positive stuff.

However, with less working days to pull in revenue and for some recruiter’s, clients who shut up shop on December 14th… yes, some people do; it all becomes a challenge.

On top of this, I don’t know about you, and I get depleted at this time of year as I have been working full on since January 2nd!

So, time to give yourself something to feel good about; self-recognition.

The Gap Versus The Gain



Dan Sullivan, the well-known business coach, talks about the plight of entrepreneurial business owners which most of us are.

Whatever we do isn’t good enough, and we tend to look at the gap rather than the gain. In other words what we haven’t achieved yet rather than the wins we have.

What if we cut ourselves some slack and looked at the gain related to other events that have been happening for us during the year.

It’s a process that Sharon and I have been using as the year draws to a close.

We each then grab a piece of paper and write down three columns: Work Positives, Personal Events and Challenges.

I then fill out each column, with no judgement about the ‘size’ and impact of what I am writing and then I look at each part in context.

It’s astounding when you realise what you have achieved in circumstances that you might not have appreciated.

It certainly gives perspective about how ‘good’ you are.

To give an idea my list included; moving offices, taking onboard new employees, building out a new service offering, taking on our first content clients in Australia, joining APSCo, having a new roof and endless building work, nearly losing our beloved Superfast Staffy who had to have spinal surgery, and handling an elderly mother-in-law who is poorly, spending more time in hospital than out.

Oh, and presenting on stage and increasing turnover to its highest ever, celebrating a milestone birthday, recording our Superfast Circle event on video for the first time. Having the most downloads ever of our podcast this year and the list goes on…

What about you?

When I look at my lists, I also see gaps in what could make things better too. We have had two weeks holiday this year in our busiest year ever; not ideal.

It made me think of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s, The Biology of Belief Authors,  meme that he shared recently which I have copied below.

It’s important to put ourselves first when we think about achieving the goals we have.




What Next?

Grab that piece of paper make yourself a cuppa and start writing. Then review you might be amazed at how well you are performing!




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