Search Engine Optimimisation: An Update For Recruiters

Search Engine Optimisation; a dark art or something that will help you generate more website traffic and leads? It is something that is debated in may marketing circles, especially when you consider the fact that Google constantly changes what it’s looking for from content creators and companies on the web.

Though Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is known can be complex fundamentally it is about how do you optimise your website for the search engines and the candidates and clients who visit your site looking for advice, information, jobs and a recruitment company to partner with.

At a recent Superfast circle event, I ran a session on this topic for our client, which I am going to share here in a podcast.

Here we talk about keywords, creating good content, Rankbrain voice search and much more.





P.S. If you would like to ensure you are always up to date on how you market your recruitment organisation then a Superfast Circle membership is for you. To find out more drop us a line here.


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